Discover the Heart of Africa: 11 Facts about CAR


Lying in the heart of Africa, the Central African Republic, or CAR, is a nation abundant in biodiversity, natural wealth, starry skies, and stunning landscapes. It was once a part of the French Equatorial Africa.

Central African Republic is one of the small landlocked countries in Africa. It is surrounded on all sides by African countries like Sudan, Chad, Cameroon, South Sudan, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

If you are planning to head to the country in Central Africa for a tropical getaway, read on to learn some fascinating facts about it. 

1. Revel In The Vibrant Nightlife In The Capital City, Bangui

Bangui, the capital city of CAR, was founded in 1889 as a French trading post. It is located on the banks of the Ubangi river and is also the largest city

bangui center CAR

Despite strikes and curfews, Bangui is a vibrant city where you can enjoy exciting nightlife as well as a diverse music culture.

2. French Is Among The Two Official Languages

There are two official languages of the Central African Republic – French and Sango. The official indigenous and national language, Sango, originates from a minority tribe but is spoken by more than 90% of the population. 

French is also an official national language, but very few people from urban cities speak it. While visiting, you will need to have a grasp of some Sango words to socialize with locals in the country. 

3. Bangui Is The Epicenter Of Magnetic Anomaly 

According to geophysics, variation in Earth’s magnetic field is a magnetic anomaly, often resulting from changes in the magnetism or chemistry of rocks. 

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One such anomaly occurs in CAR, centered on Bangui, and here the magnetic field is significantly sharper as well as stronger. 

While the cause behind this anomaly is unknown, many scientists and experts speculate that it is the result of a meteorite that happened 540 million years ago.

4. Witness A Seamless Amalgamation Of Ethnic Groups 

The Central African Republic is an amalgamation of more than 80 ethnic groups, and each has its own language. The prominent ethnic groups here are Banda, Baya, Mandija, and Sara.

Before the arrival of Europeans during the 19th century, the differences between these groups were very fluid. People considered themselves members of a clan and not of a broad ethnic group. 

Their interactions with people who spoke different languages or had varying cultural practices pertained to peaceful trade, intermarriage, war, or even enslavement.

The most prominent religion in the southern and central part of CAR is Protestant Christianity, whereas Islam is practiced more in northern areas.

5. It Is Home To 5 National Parks & 33 Protected Areas 

The vast land of the Central African Republic encompasses 5 national parks as well as 33 other protected areas. It has a rich diversity, brimming with fascinating flora and fauna, even though it is among the poorest countries.

Despite urbanization, the CAR government recognized the importance of the country’s biodiversity and thus created protected zones and national parks. These parks are home to a majority of the prominent wildlife animals of Africa. 

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These 5 prominent parks are Manovo Gounda (St. Floris) National Park, Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, Bamingui-Bangoran National Park and Biosphere Reserve, Mbaéré Bodingué National Park, and Andre Felix National Park. 

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6. If You Love Stargazing, It Is A Paradise For You!

The country also boasts many opportunities for superb stargazing. Along with Chad and Madagascar, Central African Republic (CAR) is among the places in the world that have the darkest nights. 

The country is not affected by pollution. Over 75% of the natives can simply look up to the sky and see stars, given the pristine viewing conditions.

7. People Will Charm You With Their Welcoming Nature & Gestures 

The natives of CAR are not only friendly but also greet strangers while walking down the streets. They have unique types of greetings, though. 

Friends greet one another with 3 kisses on the cheeks – one on the left and two on the right cheek, or vice versa. But if there is a group, then rather than shaking hands with everyone, they will raise both of their hands and verbally greet them. 

Also, they like to ask questions about family well-being before they start any conversation.

8. Witness The Second Largest Rainforest – The Congolese Rainforest 

The Congolese rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world, located in part in the country. It spans 6 nations – Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic.

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9. Say Goodbye To Pollution In The Central African Republic 

Another fascinating fact about the country Central African Republic is that it has the fifth-lowest CO2 emissions in the world when measured by CO2 per capita.

10. CAR Has Rich Biodiversity 

Apart from being rich in green landscapes and natural resources, CAR is also significantly rich in biodiversity. You can find many rare as well as endemic species that include elephants, gorillas, hippos, leopards, lions, cheetahs, rhinos, and crocodiles.

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According to stats, in 2002, there were 209 mammal species, over 168 species of birds, and also more than 3,600 plant species here.

11. Boali Waterfall Is A Magnificent Sight 

Boali Falls is a highly famous landmark in the country. The impressive waterfall is 50 meters or 165 feet high and 250 meters or 820 feet wide.

Chutes de Boali Waterfall

It is not only a spectacular sight that is reminiscent of the untouched, pristine beauty of the Central African Republic, but it also has a hydroelectric power station operated by Enerca. 


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