Grenada’s Hidden Gems: 13 Fun Facts to Explore

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The small volcanic Caribbean island of Grenada consists of six small and one large island. The nation is known for lush forests, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and spices.

The adventure-filled country consists of rainforests, adventure-filled hiking trails, scuba diving, and underwater sculpture parks.

Here are some of the fun Grenada facts that everyone should know.

1. Grenada Is Also Known As The ‘Isle Of Spice’

Grenada produces several spices and has the nickname ‘Island of Spice.’

Nutmeg is one of the major exports of the country. The spice is an important part of the country as it also appears on the national flag. Grenada supplies 40% of the world’s crops annually.

Nutmeg, ginger, bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, turmeric, etc., can also be found on the island.

2. Home To World’s First Underwater Garden

On the west coast of Grenada lies the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. It is the world’s first underwater sculpture park.

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The garden was opened in May of 2006 and built by Jason deCaires Taylor. The monuments and sculptures in the garden attract diverse marine life. It is an attractive spot for tourists from all around the around.

If you love scuba diving or snorkeling, you can experience the magnificent view of the garden. The locals also offer a glass bottom boat for a better view.

3. The National Bird Of The Country is ‘Grenada Dove’

Grenada Dove is the national and native bird of the island country of Grenada. BirdLife International shares that it is one of the critically endangered doves around the world.

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There are less than a hundred Grenada doves left in the wild forests. The Grenadian government has set up two protected zones to help the doves. One at the Perseverance and adjoining Woodward Estates are in the western part of the island, and the other, at a sanctuary, is present within the Mt Hartman Estate in the southern part of the island.

4. Hurricane Ivan Caused Significant Damage The Beautiful Country Of Grenada

In September 2004, the island of Grenada was hit by Hurricane Ivan. The hurricane affected the island and caused significant damage to the majority of the Grenadian’s homes. It turned into a catastrophic incident.

Over the years, the island country was hit by four hurricanes. In 1955, Hurricane Janet hit the island; in 1963, Hurricane Flora, followed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004; and in 2005, hurricane Emily hit the island.

5. ‘Jumpers Hill’ Is A Popular Tourist Attraction

The Caribs attacked the fort of St. George. However, the French chased them toward the cliff near the seaside when they were defeated.

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The Caribs found that there was no escape and jumped into the sea. In the name of the people who jumped from the cliff, the point was Jumpers Hill or ‘LebMorne des Sauteurs.’

6. Oil Down Is The National Dish Of The Island

If you ever visit Grenada, don’t forget to try the best dish on the island, oil down. The recipe comprises fish, breadfruit, vegetables, and meat, slowly cooked in callaloo (green vegetables) and coconut milk.

7. Cocoa Tea Is A Popular Breakfast Drink In Grenada

The favorite drink of the island nation is cocoa tea. It is a popular breakfast drink with vegetables, fruits, bread, and rice.

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8. Two World Famous Rum Drinks Are Available In Grenada

These two drinks are Westerhall Rum and River Antoine Rum. They are prepared from local spices, including sugarcane.

If you are going for a tour in Grenada, don’t forget to visit the River Antoine Rum private brewery with your travel professional.


The Westerhall Rum is very popular but not always available. Therefore, if you ever see a bottle, don’t forget to buy it.

9. Grenada Houses 45+ Beaches

The Grenadine islands are the best if you love the sea, with over 45 beaches. Even on the expensive resorts’ seafront, nudity is not allowed. But with a small population of fewer than 120,000 people, you can find privacy even on public beaches.

Grand Anse beach in Saint George Parish is one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean. It is also considered in the world’s top ten list of best beaches. Also, don’t miss out on Grenada’s beautiful Carriacou and St. Vincent island.

10. Grenada Is Famous For Snorkelling And Scuba Diving

If you like watersports, Grenada is the perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. The Bianca C. is the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. You will have a unique experience in the waters of the country.

11. Grenada Houses 3 Types of Cocoa In The World

Grenada is also known as the ‘Isle of Cocoa.’ Chocolate production starts with trees that grow up to 25ft. The cacao trees produce a fruit known as cacao pods that look like American football.

They contain cacao beans. There are three types of cacao trees, Trinitario, Forastero, and Criollo. Grenada is popular for its chocolate and chocolate products.

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12. Leatherback Turtles Are Found On Grenada’s Beaches

The largest living reptile species is the leatherback turtle. It has existed since the age of dinosaurs and can be seen on the beaches of the Caribbean island Grenada.

leatherback on beach by ocean levera

If you ever visit the country, don’t forget to check the Levera Beach, home to the largest leatherback turtle nesting population. However, only 35,000 female leatherback turtles are left worldwide and they are highly endangered.

Did you know that only one of their hatchlings can survive until they become adults?

13. Crater Formed Lake: A Popular Tourist Attraction

The volcanic islands in the caribbean country offer unique opportunities to look at the craters and the related extinct or dormant volcanoes.

In Grenada, a crater-formed Grand Etang Crater Lake is a popular tourist attraction. The lake is within the Grand Etang National Park, surrounded by jungle on all sides, and includes wildlife and unique flora and fauna.


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