19 Colombia Fun Facts That Make This Country Unique

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Andes mountains, Amazon rainforest, and Caribbean beaches – is that all that makes Colombia stand out? Not quite.

Their rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, and unknown secrets make this country quite unique.

Check out the unique things and fun facts about Colombia that will fascinate you.

1. Colombia Has Only Two Seasons

As the Equator passes through Colombia, the country misses the four seasons.

The best part is that the temperature remains stable throughout the year, and only the dry and rainy seasons exist. Some parts of Colombia even enjoy only one season throughout the year.

2. Pink Dolphins Can Be Found In Colombia

It sounds like a crayon pink dolphin we drew as children, right? But it’s true – pink dolphins are real. 

A pink dolphin being fed by person

Being one of the rarest species when it comes to dolphins, they’re found only in Colombia. However, presently, they’re endangered, and only around two thousand of them are believed to be alive today.

3. Colombia Is Famous For Its Dancing In South America

It is said that Colombians are born dancers, and thus, they are so good at it. However, there are no fixed dances, and they have been adapted from the northern parts of Colombia or the Caribbean islands.

4. More Than 99% Of Colombian People Speak Spanish

Just imagine – that’s almost the whole population of Colombia. And the most surprising part? Even in Spain, the percentage of individuals speaking Spanish is lower.

5. Colombia Has 60 National Parks

With almost 60+ national parks, you possibly can’t run out of things to do in Colombia. The most famous one among them is the Tayrona National Park, which is known for its beauty and diversity. You can swim through the Caribbean Sea or enjoy the fascinating view of the Sierra Nevada mountains when in the park.

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6. You Can Access 2 Coastlines From Colombia

Colombia is the only country in South America with access to two coastlines – the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. While the Pacific Coast boasts a dense jungle for tourists to explore, the Caribbean coast is for adventurous adrenaline-inducing water sports.

7. Colombia Is The Third-largest Coffee Exporter In The World

If you are a fan of Arabica coffee, you will be surprised to know that Colombia is the third-largest coffee producer in the world. 

Coffee plantations in Colombia

As the country has the ideal positioning and climate for coffee plantations – higher altitudes and warm weather – the coffee grown here tastes very rich and has a unique blend of flavours.

In fact, the coffee landscapes of Colombia have been rewarded as a Heritage Site from UNESCO.

8. The Largest Gay Club In Latin America Is In Colombia

The LGBTQ community of Colombia is highly respected and even if you’re straight, you’re still welcome to visit the largest gay club in Latin America.

The Theatron nightclub in Bogota is quite the experience. Apart from the glam and glitz of the space, the 5-floor gay club features 13 mini-clubs.

9. Colombia Comes Second On The List Of Holidays

Who doesn’t love holidays? If you love them too and still want to make a living, Colombia is the one for you because it has the second-most Bank Holidays in the world. The best part – the majority of them are celebrated on Mondays.

10. More Than 50% Of Bosses Are Women

Colombia is the country where women are less likely to protest for equal rights. When it comes to career opportunities, you will find more women bosses than men here – 53%, to be precise.

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11. Colombia Is A Mix Of Indigenous Descendants

There are majorly three ethnic minority groups in Colombia. Almost 86% of the population is either mestizo, African, or Amerindian. You’ll be surprised to know that about 3.5% of the population is indigenous.

12. 5,000 Biological Species Can Be Found In Colombia’s Ecosystem

Colombia happens to be the most biodiverse country, with more than 5,000 biological species. If calculated by area, it has one of the highest numbers of species. The country has got everything from butterflies to unique bird species and amphibians and is thus referred to as a megadiverse area.

13. Colombia Has The Tallest Palm Trees In The World

If you ever visit Colombia, don’t forget to set foot into the valley known as Valle de Cocora, which accommodates some of the tallest palm trees.

Wax Palms in colombia

There is a majority of Wax Palms, and you can find seven unique species of this variety.

14. The Orchid Is The National Flower Of Colombia

Also known as the Orquídia Tricolor, the national flower has held its rank since 1936 in Colombia. However, there’s a reason behind the choice.

The stem of the flower is majorly seen in red, blue, and yellow, which replicates the color of the national flag of the country.

15. Tejo Is The National Sport Of Colombia

Quite uniquely, the national sport of Colombia is known as Tejo, which involves throwing disks at the pits covered in gunpowder. The most fun part of the popular sport is when the disk hits the pits and explodes.

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After Tejo, football is very popular across Colombia.

16. In Colombia, The National Anthem Is Played Twice Every Day

Colombians value patriotism very highly – they even listen to their national anthem twice daily. It’s a regular practice, and the national anthem is played at 6 AM and 6 PM.

17. The Colombian Government Prohibits Drinking Alcohol

During any significant events, like the World Cup or political rallies, the government does not allow its citizens to consume alcohol. There are no religious reasons behind this, and it is done only to avoid violence.

18. Colombia Has The Toughest Biking Paths

Alto de Letras is one of the major biking paths in Colombia, offering a heart-wrenching experience backed by some adrenaline rush.

The 300 km route tends to be one of the most exciting climbs, with an 80 km incline towards the Paramo de Letras.

19. Children Drink Coffee In Colombia

While it’s normal for adults to drink coffee and enjoy several cups throughout the day, the fact that the children indulge in it, too, is surprising. Children and adults share the same coffee; concentration is the only difference between them.

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