13 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Cyprus

fun facts about cyprus

Cyprus, the birthplace of Greek gods, is a beautiful island with warm sandy beaches, fantastic Mediterranean food, and archaeological sites.

Home to the finest and the world’s oldest wine label and halloumi cheese, the country combines ancient and modern cultures. 

Here are some exciting and fun facts about Cyprus.

1. The Only Country With A Map On Their Flag

Cyprus is the first country to have its map on the national flag. Technically speaking, the country’s national flag contains the island map with two olive branches that are symbols of harmony and peace between the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.

Turkish Cypriots have built their version of a flag for Northern Cyprus and use inverted designs and colors of the flag of Turkey. The present flag of the country is new and was adopted after it gained independence from the British in 1960.

Cyprus flag
Cyprus flag

2. Home To the 4th Most Important Muslim Shrine

The Mosque Hala Sultan Tekke is located on the Larnaca Salt Lake’s west bank on the island of Cyprus. It is the fourth most important Muslim mosque after Mekka, Medina, and Jerusalem.

This is the death place of Prophet Mohammad’s companion and aunt, Umm Haram after she fell off a mule during a ride.

Mosque Hala Sultan Tekke
Mosque Hala Sultan Tekke

3. Cyprus Has Onde of The Oldest Wine Label In The World

One of the oldest wine labels in the world is found in Cyprus. The amber-colored sweet dessert wine “Commandaria” has existed since 800 BC and is still in production.

The wine is made from two different types of grapes named after the region where it is produced in the high altitude of the Troodos mountains.

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4. Paphos Is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

The entire town of Paphos, existing since the neolithic age, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the House of Dionysus occupying two thousand square meters.

The main attraction of Greek and Roman villas is the mosaic floors decorated with mythical hunting scenes that cover five hundred meters in the estate.

Touristic shopping street, Paphos, Cyprus
Touristic shopping street, Paphos, Cyprus

5. Cyprus Houses 140 Flowering Plant Species

Out of 1900 flowering plant species worldwide, Cyprus is home to 140 species.

The third largest island in the mediterranean sea is filled with the natural beauty of flowers and plants, making it a perfect tourist spot.

6. Cyprus’s National Symbol Is A Very Shy Sheep

A very shy sheep is the national symbol of the Republic of Cyprus, yet you may never find it. The mouflon is a shy sheep and was once considered vermin. Hence, it was quite an attraction for the hunters.

By 1930, there were only 15 Cyprus Mouflon left on the island. But, according to several conservation programs, somewhere in the country, there are thousands of mouflon sheep, among which a few small herds are kept under protection.

Cyprus Mouflon
Cyprus Mouflon

7. Mt. Olympos Is The Highest Ski Resort in Cyprus

The island country of Cyprus is popularly known for its sunny winter getaway from the cold winter of Northern Europe. The Troodos mountains on Mount Olympus are the largest mountain range.

The Sun Valley and the North Face ski areas are perfect for a weekend. You can rent snowboards, skis, and all the essential equipment. The ski resort is a one-hour drive from Limassol or the capital city of Nicosia.

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8. Home To The Largest Water Park In Europe

Ayia Napa Waterworld waterpark was built in 1996 in Ayia Napa and covers 100,000 square meters. It is also the largest waterpark in Europe.

Some of the attractions of the tourist destination include Dive Apollo, Fall of Icarus, and Descent to Atlantis.

Ayia Napa Waterworld waterpark
Ayia Napa Waterworld waterpark

9. Syrtos Is A Popular Folk Dance Of The Country

Syrtos is an ancient chain of dance and is a popular folk dance in the country. The ancient Greek dance form was described by Lucian in 190AD and is still danced today on several islands across Greece.

Originally, Syrtos was danced by a separate line of men and women. However, today the lines are often mixed. The dancers in the chain usually follow a particular step and synchronize, while the leader often changes the dance or breaks the line.

10. Brandy Sour Is The National Drink of Cyprus

Brandy Sour is the national cocktail of the country. While it is available in other parts of the world, the Cypriot version is unique and interesting, with royal origins.

According to the history of Cyprus, it was initially invested for the King of Egypt, Farouk, at one of the oldest hotels in Mount Troodos.

Since the King loved the brandy of Cypriot origin, the staff created a light drink with brandy that looked more like tea. The cocktail is easy to make and a must-try if you visit Cyprus.

11. Birth Place Of Greek God Aphrodite

A mystical geoformation of huge rocks known as the “Petra Tou Romiou” or Aphrodite’s rock is the birthplace of the Greek god Aphrodite.

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Legends say that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born out of the sea foam. The goddess rose from the waves and was escorted by a shell to the beach.

Petra Tou Romiou
Petra Tou Romiou

12. Cyprus Has A Cat Sanctuary

The island hosts a holy monastery of the cats, known as “St. Nicholas,” with a hundred cats roaming around the sanctuary. The nuns in the monastery take care of the cats.

In addition, several funds, donations, and Cypriot government grants help feed and care for the cats.

13. The Oldest Perfumery In The World Is Found in Cyprus

While France is popular for its perfumes, it didn’t invent them. In 2003, archaeologists from Italy unearthed the oldest perfumery in Cyprus.

The archaeologists found the ruins of a huge factory that was present over four thousand years ago.


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