16 Fun Facts About Georgia For Aspiring Travelers

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You may have heard of the state of Georgia, but have you ever traveled to the country of Georgia? If not, you’re missing out!

The more fun facts I learn about Georgia, the more I can’t wait to plan my next trip!

1. Georgia Invented Winemaking

Wine was created in the country of Georgia around 8,000 years ago. They have an ancient winemaking method and use special clay jars for aging called Qvevri. Their method is unique and is listed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

This is the only reason I need to visit Georgia. I don’t know about you but I’d like to raise a glass of Pinot to the genius humans responsible for creating one of the best adult beverages in the world. Cheers!

2. Georgians Love To Host Guests

Seen as a gift from God, Georgians are extremely welcoming to invited guests in their homes. The most common type of event Georgians hold is where they invite guests is a celebratory Supra. 

a supra feast in georgia

The Supra is a type of Georgian feast with alcohol as the main star. An elected or appointed toastmaster (tamada) is supposed to tell stories and lead round after round of toasts. All the guests are given an opportunity to speak on each toast before drinking.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to one, bring a small gift for the host, and come hungry because you will need to eat a lot of food to avoid getting drunk. A supra can last for hours, so pace yourself!

3. Enjoy 12 Different Climates in One Country

Georgia has one of the most diverse climates on the planet. Conditions range from temperate to sub-tropical, continental to highland!

It is a country where you can enjoy a day at the beach or hike in the polar tundra along the Russian border.

Whatever you decide, I suggest wearing layers so you can stay comfortable!

4. The World’s Deepest Cave is in Georgia

Caves capture the imagination and beg to be explored, although if you’re not a professional speleologist, you may just want to take a few photos near the entrance.

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Veryovkina Cave is the deepest on earth, measuring 2,212 meters or 7,257 feet. This cave wasn’t fully explored until 2018 because of how dangerous it is to reach the bottom.

5. Mt. Shkhara is Taller than Mount Blanc

Georgia’s tallest mountain is Mt. Shkhara and it sits on the tallest mountain range in Europe – the Caucasus Range.

Mt. Shkhara with a village in the foreground

While many people believe the Alps are taller, Mt. Shkhara sits at 5,193 meters or 17,037 feet, which is taller than the highest point in the Alps (Mount Blanc) which sits at 4807 meters or 15,771 feet.

To reach Mt. Shkahara you will need to travel to the remote village of Ushguli in Georgia. Do not forget your jacket because this village is considered the highest human settlement in all of Europe at 2200 meters!

6. Architectural and Historical Wonders

History and architecture nerds rejoice! Georgia is home to 3 Unesco World Heritage sites.

The beautiful Gelati Monastery stands as the best example of Medieval architecture from the Golden Age of Georgia while the Historical Monuments of Mtskheta are a well-preserved example of religious architecture dating from the 3rd century B.C.

The region of Upper Svaneti is a medieval village with over 200 structures that stand in an idyllic mountain setting and would make a dramatic backdrop for a one-of-a-kind selfie.

7. Groove to Polyphonic Music

You can take a class in Georgian Polyphonic music – a unique, ancient folk style of singing and chant that is centuries old!

Polyphonic music is performed by multiple singers who choose to sing in one of three voices. Pieces are performed Acapella (without instruments).

8. Joseph Stalin was a Georgian Revolutionary

Joseph Stalin statue in Georgia the country

Georgia was once part of Russia and the infamous dictator Joseph Stalin was born in the city of Gori in 1878. A museum has been erected in the city which chronicles his life and is open to visitors.

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9. Georgia Has An Ongoing Identity Crisis

As a border country between Europe and Asia, Georgia has both Eastern European and Asian roots.

The culture is a blend of the shifts that have occurred over time, and even the architecture has both European and Asian influences.

While physically Georgia sits in Asia, the capital of Tbilisi resembles Rome or Paris and it has been rumored that Georgia may join the European Union.

Regardless of its past, Georgia is an interesting place to experience a unique blended culture that is Eurasian and touched by Arabic, Turkish, and Persian influences.

10. Georgia has Earthquakes

Shake, rattle, and roll! Georgia experiences mild earthquakes and once in a while can have a significant quake.

The Racha earthquake was the largest in recent history which occurred back in 1991 and was measured as a 7.0 on the Richter scale. It caused significant damage and a lot of the architecture in Georgia has cracks on the walls or floors because of it!

11. Georgians Love to Wrestle

Move over WWE! The most popular sport in Georgia is wrestling.

A Georgian wrestling in competition with a French wrestler

Known as Chidaoba, a large portion of the males in Georgia practice this form of martial art which combines strength and special holds. Costumes and music accompany matches which typically take place outside, and may be combined with traditional dance when entering or exiting the arena.

12. Georgian Taxi Drivers May Offer You Fruit

I have it on good authority that this is a fairly regular practice from a friend who lives in Tbilisi. If you take a taxi in Georgia, not only will the taxi driver drop you off as close as possible to your intended destination, but they may also offer you a piece of fruit.

This isn’t something you pay extra for – it is merely a kind gesture. Fruit in Georgia is delicious so you should definitely try it!

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13. Driving is Not for the Faint of Heart

It is not advisable to rent a car in Georgia yourself. That is – unless you’re either a Formula 1 racer or are used to driving at breakneck speeds and able to make fast decisions.

Chaotic roads in the city of Tbilisi

Georgian drivers are known to love speed and will not take kindly to a tourist blocking traffic! Take a taxi instead and arrive alive.

14. Certain Holidays are Celebrated Late

Many Georgian people are Orthodox and while they do celebrate Easter and Christmas, these celebrations are held a few weeks later than in other countries and celebrated differently.

Christmas takes place around the 14th of January and is a quiet holiday where families dine together and let go of negativity from the prior year by burning a “tree” made of shaved walnut branches. Presents are not exchanged as they are in many other cultures.

Easter is really important and rather than give up one or two indulgences, many devout Georgians choose to be vegan for the 40 days leading up to Easter. Easter itself is celebrated near the graves of loved ones, and a picnic is had by the surviving family members.

15. The National Dish of Georgia is Cheesy Bread

If you’re into cheese and enjoy carbs (who doesn’t) – a trip to Georgia may be in order.

The Adjarian khachapuri dish of Georgia

While it won’t be what your doctor would recommend for your diet, Georgians are masters of bread baked with cheese. The national dish of Georgia is Adjarian khachapuri which is bread topped with gooey cheese, a ton of butter, and a runny egg.

Sign me up for that triple bypass right now!

16. Georgians Like to Sleep In

If you can find coffee before 10AM, you’re lucky! Georgian people do not wake up early.

Most businesses will remain closed until late morning hours, including bakeries and most stores. If you are a late riser like I am, this may work in your favor.


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