13 Fun Facts About Jordan’s History, Culture and Geography

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Jordan, an abode for all history buffs and curious explorers, with around 100,000 archaeological sites that will take you back in time.

These fun facts will make you want to visit Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan, the official name for Jordan, within the next year.

1) Home To 1 Of The 7 Wonders Of The World

Jordan participates in giving the world the seven wonders. The ancient city of Petra holds a history as old as the 4th century BC. The Nabateans, an Arab tribe, had made Petra their capital.

Petra, Jordan

The monument was carved into the sandstone hill and surrounded by rocky mountains and passes. The ruins from pre-historic times give glimpses of the civilizations lost, and today, hosts thousands of tourists annually.

2. Jesus Christ Was Baptized In Jordan

Christians consider the Jordan river holy, as Jesus Christ was baptized here by John the Baptist. The river, with Israel on one side and Jordan on another, is Christianity’s divine water source.

Pilgrims come from around the world to visit this site and immerse themselves in the sacred river and follow the teachings of Christianity.

3. The Red Sea Features Beautiful Coral

The Red Sea has about 300 diverse hard coral species that will blow your mind. This is best done by booking a scuba diving tour.

4. Wadi Rum Is Mars On Earth

The movie ‘The Martian’ was filmed in Wadi Rum in Jordan. This desert, also known as the Valley of the Moon, offers terrain similar to Mars.

Wadi Rum desert

It is a valley with rocky mountains and dunes in shades of red and orange, perfect for depicting the red planet. Other movies shot here were The Last Day On Mars and The Red Planet.

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5. You Can Walk From North To South In Jordan

It’s often said the more you walk, the closer you are to land. You’ll get to experience just that while hiking the 30-day, 650km Jordan trail.

You’ll get to experience everything Jordan has to offer, from desert castles in Qasr Amra to the art and architecture of Petra.

6. Want To Float? Come To the Dead Sea

Despite its name, the Dead Sea is a stunning lake that allows you to naturally float due to its high salt content. It’s actually saltier than natural oceans, being the 4th saltiest water body in the world.

7. Philadelphia, The Ancient City, Is The Capital Of Jordan

During the Iron Age, the king of Egypt, Ptolemy 2 Philadelphus, named the city after himself. Then Philadelphia is modern-day Amman, the capital of Jordan.

It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, where archaeological remains and pottery excavations were found from the Neolithic period.

8. A Progressive Arab Country

Unlike its other Arab siblings, Jordan is more accepting of western ideals. It was the first Arab country where women were allowed to join police forces in the 70s.

9. What’s The Oldest Bread You Have Seen?

When talking about ruins from the past, stone carvings or other art pieces come to mind. Will you ever think of bread in this context? No, right?

I was also astounded to read that evidence of bread from 14,400 years back was found in Jordan’s desert. Jordanians still love their food today!

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10. “Picture-Perfect” Landscapes Of Jordan

Are you a movie buff? Then you’ll HAVE to visit Petra, Wadi Rum, and deserts like El Jafr and Jebel Tubeiq. The dunes, historical monuments and rocky mountains were backdrop locations for numerous blockbuster films.

11. Jordan Is Known For Medical Tourism

The World Bank gave Jordan the Best Medical Tourism destination award in 2014 amongst other Arab nations. It’s since become the hub for those seeking affordable yet professional medical facilities.

12. When In Jordan, Enjoy Mansaf!

In your tour of this one of the driest countries in the Middle East, you should definitely try Mansaf.


It is the traditional and national dish of Jordan, which is also popular in neighboring countries. This ancient Arabic cuisine is made with lamb, nuts and fermented yogurt, and is served with bulgur or rice.

13. Jordan Is Not Oil Rich Nation

Many think that the Arab nation’s economy depends on oil but it has negligible oil deposits, unlike other Middle Eastern countries with an abundance of natural resources.

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