12 Fun Facts About Seychelles To Add Fuel To Your Wanderlust

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Are you planning to visit Seychelles soon? Have it front and center on your bucket list?

Then these facts might intrigue you and give you the wanderlust punch you have been waiting for!

1. Seychelles Is The Only Granite Island In The World

Seychelles isn’t what you see – it comprises 42 inner islands and 73 coral islands, the foundation of which is granite. These forty-two islands that are added to the archipelago are the only ones exempt from volcanic elements. 

Can you imagine?

Even if you explore the inner islands’ beaches, you’ll find the granite rocks clustered along making Seychelles one of the most fascinating islands in the world. 

2. Seychelles Was Uninhabited Till 1770

In the 16th century, Seychelles was completely uninhabited until some French settlers came along with their African slaves. During those times, pirates also used the islands of Seychelles as their bases. 

Imagine how thrilling it used to be!

3. Seychelles Has One Of The Smallest Capital Cities

Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, happens to be one of the smallest cities in the world.

Victoria, Seychelles, as seen from the port.

The city is so small – with only 30,000 residents and a total area of 20.1 km square, that you don’t even need a complete day to explore the city on your own.

4. The Rarest Species Of Birds Can Be Found In Seychelles

From Syer to Scops Owl – you can find the rarest bird species in Seychelles, about whom you have probably never heard.

The Scops Owl happens to be so rare that people thought it was extinct until it was rediscovered in 1959.

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5. The Oldest Giant Tortoise Is From Seychelles

The oldest giant tortoise named Jonathan is from Seychelles – and is now the oldest living terrestrial animal in the world. So definitely add this one to your itinerary.

6. Seychelles isn’t a single landmass

If you have been considering Seychelles as a single landmass, then you’re wrong – because it’s an archipelago with 115 islands. These islands are covered in lush green forests, which contribute to the ecological diversity of the country.

All the islands of the country are inhabited by humans, apart from 33 which are too small.

7. A Peculiar Vegetable Is A Native Delicacy

Breadfruit is one of the peculiar delicacies of Seychelles. Though it might sound weird, it’s a member of the mulberry and jackfruit family.

Sliced Breadfruit

It’s a staple diet food of the native Seychelles people and is commonly grilled or stewed with spices alongside meat, fish, and other vegetables.

8. Underwater Expeditions In Seychelles Are Adventurous

Seychelles is as beautiful under the waters as it is above it. If you are someone who prefers some adrenaline rush activities, then many underwater adventures are available.

When it comes to exploring Seychelles underwater, there are ample options. From mysterious caverns to sunken shipwrecks, and beautiful coral reefs, you’ll definitely need to carve out a few days.

9. Coco De Mer Is The Largest Seed In Seychelles

Have you ever seen a seed as big as a 3-year-old child? Probably not – but Seychelles has one for you named Coco de mer which weighs around 15 kgs.

Woman holding coco de mer seed

If you are ever in Seychelles, you will see many such seeds lying around here and there. 

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10. Seychelles Suffers The Worst Air Pollution Hazards

Seychelles ranks 71st when it comes to measuring deaths from pollution. In fact, its pollution is the worst in Africa. So pack and carry your masks when you are in Seychelles!

11. Seychelles Is The Richest Country In Africa

When measured by GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP), Seychelles is considered to be one of the richest countries in Africa.

It’s just one place behind Mauritius when it comes to measuring the standard of human development and ranks as the most developed nation in Africa, and #67 globally.

12. Buried treasure is hidden in Seychelles

According to the legendary tales of Seychelles, it is said that buried treasures worth $130 million are hidden under its soil. It is believed that the treasure belonged to French pirate Olivie Levasseur back in the 18th century.

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