22 Fun Facts About Slovakia That’ll Suprise Most Travelers

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Slovakia is a small European country known primarily for its natural landscape and history-bound castles. It’s one country that has fascinated me for many years.

Allow these fun facts to surprise you and get ready to book your dream trip.

1. Slovakia Has More Than 1,600 Mineral Springs

Slovakia is home to more than 1600 springs officially explored and registered by the country’s government,and likely more that have been undiscovered. Many of these springs are often used as the prime source of mineral drinking water. 

2. Don’t Visit Here For A Summer Break

The summers in Slovakia are cold and cloudy, so pack your jacket for those summer vacations. Slovakia has also experienced acid rain over the times.

3. The Literacy Rate Is 99% In Slovakia

Around 99% of the population can read and write, while more than 90% of the Slovaks have a university degree.

4. Slovakia Has More Than 6,000 Caves

In addition to their extensive mineral springs, Slovakia has more than 6,000 caves…and that’s counting only those that have been discovered.

slovakian cave

Many of them are within national parks, such as Slovak Paradise, Slovak Karst, and Low Tatras. 

5. Slovakia’s Capital Borders 2 Countries

Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, is the only one in the world that can be found on the borders of two countries, Hungary and Austria

6. Slovakia Marks The Geographical Center Point Of Europe

Visit Kremnicke Bane village and go next to St. John Baptist Church. You’ll be standing at the Geographic center of Europe and snap that perfect Instagram moment! 

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7. Mostly Free Train Rides Since 2014

The rule was passed in November 2014 that all children, students under 26 years of age, widowed persons, disabled people and senior citizens can travel by train in Slovakia for free. 

8. The Charm Of Slovak Women Can’t Be Missed

Time to delete Tinder! The U City Guides reports that Slovakia features some of the most gorgeous women worldwide. Many are blonde, are well educated and follow traditional European values.

9. Angelina Jolie’s Grandfather Was From Slovakia

Talking about beauty, we now know that Angelina Jolie has her genes rooted in Slovakia. Her grandfather was from Kosice, Slovakia. 

10. The Country Has Its Own Devil Rock

Slovakia believes that the devil left one of his rocks in the country. This natural phenomenon features a mushroom rock standing firmly on a tiny base of a high cliff.

devil's rock in Slovakia

To me, it’s just a rock on an edge, but tourists find it very photogenic. 

11. Namedays Are Important In Slovakia

Each calendar day in Slovakia corresponds to a personal name and is noted on their office calendars, with some days having 2 to 10 names, although one name remains the official name for that day.

Slovakian children therefore are likely to have their name featured on a national calendar.

12. Slovak Language Has 46 Letters In Their Alphabet

The people of Slovakia speak the Slovak language which features 46 alphabet letters, which is the highest in all of Europe. As a result, many accents exist around the country.

13. Early Humans Are Said To Have Settled In Slovakia

Archaeological evidence highlights numerous settlements in the country which date back around 22,800 years. Definitely worth a visit!

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14. Slovakians Prefer Getting Married At The Young Age

Slovak women get married at a young age in comparison to other women in all of Europe, often tying the knot at 24 years old. Could it have something to do with their incredible beauty?!

15. Slovakia Prefers Locally-Made Products

Slovakia prefers locally made goods over imports, even where imports are more affordable.

For instance, it is 1 of 3 countries where Coca-Cola is unfavorable, with many prefering Kofola which was locally launched in the 1960s. 

16. Slovakia Hosts The World’s Second-Oldest Marathon

The Košice Peace Marathon is the oldest marathon in Europe, the world’s second-oldest after the Boston Marathon.

The start line of The Košice Peace Marathon

Hosted on the first Sunday of October annually in Kosice, this region is known as Slovakia’s heart of the East. 

17. The Longest Wooden Bridge In Europe Is In Slovakia

You’ll find the longest entirely wooden bridge in Kolarove which is just 85 meters long. That pales into comparison to many of Europes 1,000+ metre structures to connect major cities, although these are made from steel and concrete.

18. Slovakia Is A Great Producer Of Vehicles

50% of Slovakia’s economy is powered by vehicle manufacturing, including whole cars and individual car parts.

19. Slovakia Is A Mountainous Country 

This country is surrounded by mountains and around 80% of Slovakia is 800 meters above the mean sea level. The lowest-located place in Slovakia is the Bodrok River, which is just 94 meters above sea level. 

the mountains of slovakia

The highest peak of Slovakia is Gerlach, which is around 2655 meters above sea level. 

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20. Slovakians Are Serious Chain Smokers

Adult Slovakians will smoke around 117 cigarettes in a month. You’ll probably be shocked by this social acceptance.

21. Slovakia Has The First Reservation Of Folk Architecture

The village Cicmany of North Slovakia preserves the world’s first folk architecture reservation. The village is also famous for its unique wooden houses and uniquely decorated walls resembling the identical prints on the folk costumes. There are more than 130 houses in this historical preservation area. 

22. Slovakia Scenery Is Jawdropping

Slovakia features 9 national parks and 14 protected scenic landscape areas, making for epic hiking opportunities for people like me.

The air is fresh and crisp, while the glacier lakes will take your breathe away!

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