19 Nepal Fun Facts For Spiritual Seekers and Adventurers

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Nepal is a country of culture and ancestral traditions, while also home to gigantic mountains and mesmerizing nature. 

There are still some interesting truths about Nepal that surprise many foreigners. I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting fun facts before you book your next spiritual quest or adventurous journey.

1. Nepal Doesn’t Celebrate An Independence Day

Nepal doesn’t celebrate independence day as no foreign country ever ruled them. 

A monarchy system ruled the country until the Government was formed in 2008. Gyanendra was the last known Hindu King of Nepal and the World.

2. Turn Nepal’s Map 90° And You Will See Portugal

First, grab your atlas or maps of Nepal and Portugal. Now, turn either of the maps ninety degrees, and you will see two countries look almost identical. 

Or to save you some time…

However, Nepal is 1.6 times bigger than Portugal. This is definitely a brag-worthy fun fact!

4. Nepal Hosts Different Weekend Rules

Unlike other countries where Saturdays are optional, and Sundays are mandatory holidays, Nepalese have set different weekend rules. 

Saturday is a mandatory holiday in Nepal, and people tend to work on Sundays here. Depending on people’s preferences, they can take Friday as a half-day. 

5. Internet Speeds Are Crazy Slow In Nepal

If you’re fond of streaming Netflix or YouTube all day then Nepal will disappoint you. The Internet speed here is below 256 kbps and this really puts the country back 20 years.

Those on a digital detox or spiritual quest to Nepal obviously won’t have much of an issue, especially as the serene nature here compensates for the slow Internet. 

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6. No Kissing Or Hugging In Public

Generally speaking, asian countries are not well acquainted with western culture norms. In Nepal, you cannot kiss or hug anyone of the opposite gender in public. 

People of the same gender can hold hands in public, as that seems reasonable and tolerant to Nepali culture, religion, and traditions. 

3. Elephant Polo Is A Popular Sport in Nepal

We all know about the usual Polo that is played on horses. A strange alteration to this game originated in Meghauli, Nepal, where Polo is played on trained elephants. 

People playing elephant polo in Nepal

A federation or organization named The Tiger Tops of Nepal takes the mantle of organizing the World Elephant Polo Championship. Other countries that often play include India and Thailand.

7. Touching Anything With Feet Is Offensive in Nepal

Nepalese find it offensive to touch anything with their feet. You must immediately apologize if you step on anyone or anything by mistake. 

8. Head is the Most Sacred Part of a Body for Nepalese

Nepalese consider it rude if someone touches their head. They find it sacred and have their reasons for it. Beyond that, they also consider it rude to have food with their left hand. 

9. Nepalese Greet With “Namaste”

Just like in India, the people of Nepal also greet each other with “Namaste” which means they are bowing down to the God within them. 

The gesture is made by pressing two palms against one another, keeping them in front of the chest. 

10. Nepal Was Once The WEED Capital

Now, this is truly a fun fact! Marijuana lovers from all across the World used to come to Nepal in the 1960s for their fix. Back then, Nepal was referred to as The Weed Capital of the World. 

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However, all of it was banned and illegalized in 1973. Buying and selling marijuana is illegal in Nepal today. 

11. Nepal Is The Birthplace Of Lord Buddha

Nepal is so popular for many reasons, including being the birthplace of the founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha. He was born in Lumbini, Kapilvastu, Nepal. 

Buddha park, Swayambhunath area, Kathmandu, Nepal

This explains why so many spiritual seekers flock to the country each year.

12. Nepal Is The Only Country With Living Goddesses

A prepubescent girl, or “Kumari”, is worshiped in Nepal as divine female energy. Every Kumari is believed to be a holy incarnation of Taleju. Taleju is better known as a manifestation of Hindu goddess, Durga. 

Hindus and Buddhists worship the Kumaris and will appoint each of them under the divine power to protect the Nepalese towns from evil sights. 

13. Nepal’s Calendar is 57 Years Ahead Of The Gregorian Calendar

Nepal follows the Vikram Samvat calendar system, 57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar. Nepal celebrates the first day of its new year in mid-April. 

14. Nepal Has One Of The Most Dangerous Airports

The Tenzing-Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport, has been listed as one of the most dangerous airports globally.

A plane on the Tenzing-Hillary Airport runway

The things that make it dangerous are:

  • Short runaway due to unavailability of land
  • Hilly surroundings that generate unpredictable winds
  • An elevation of 2860 meters above sea level

Additionally, all planes land here at faster than usual speeds due to reduced air density.

15. Nepal: Asia’s Amazon

Nepal is a small country that occupies only 0.1% land of the entire world. But, the country is home to 3.2% and 1.1% of all flora and fauna around the world, respectively. 

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The country has a high diversity of bryophytes, mammals, birds, and butterflies. Hence, the country earned its name as the Amazon of Asia. 

16. Nepal Introduced Momos To The World

Momo, the local name for the popular global dish, looks like a dumpling. It comprises vegetable fillings or meat wrapped around in a dough. 


Tracking back to the 14th century, momos first originated in Kathmandu Valley. Soon, the dish was introduced to China, Bhutan, and Tibet. 

Today, almost all Asian countries love the dish, and some Western countries also enjoy this delicacy. 

17. The World’s Shortest Man Was Nepalese

Chandra Dangi (1939-2015), a Nepalese, got the title of the shortest man in the World and was included in Guinness World Records in 2012. He was just 1 ft and 9.5 inches tall. 

18. Most Marriages Are Arranged In Nepal

In most families in Nepal, parents take the responsibility of finding an eligible spouse for their son and daughter. Caste and educational background are of utmost concern in arranged marriages. 

While love marriages happen among people with positive mindsets, most Nepalese marriages are arranged. 

19. Red Is A Popular Color For Ladies In Nepal

When you visit Nepal, you will see almost every woman wearing red. It is because they believe red to be the color of life, passion, and the glowing sun. 

Married women in Nepal are encouraged to wear more red. And a widow can wear any other color apart from red. 

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