15+ Fun Facts About Beautiful El Salvador

fun facts of el salvador

Just like a book can’t be judged by its cover, a country can’t be judged by its size.

Even though El Salvador is quite small in size, there’s no end to adventures, heritage, and beauty here.

1. El Salvador Is The Smallest Country In Central America

El Salvador is a small country in Central America with an area of 21,000 sq km. Can you imagine how small it is?

If compared, it’s almost the size of Wales.

2. El Salvador Is Known As The Land of Volcanoes

As El Salvador comes across frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it’s now popularized as The Land of Volcanoes.

This is because it lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire with over 170 volcanoes.

3. The Foods Of El Salvador Are Similar To Guatemala and Mexico

If you look at it broadly, then yes! Like the cuisine of Guatemala, there is a wide range of food in El Salvador made from corn dough, tortillas, and beans.

On the other hand, just like Mexican cuisine, Salvadoran foods are spicy, filled with stuffings, and mixed with garlic and onions.

4. San Salvador Is The Biggest City In El Salvador

With the Pacific Ocean only 20 miles away, San Salvador is situated in the eastern-central country part.

The city is so big that its metropolitan area accommodates around 2,404,097 people, while the urban area has about 1,600,000 people.

San Salvador
San Salvador

5. You Can Hike The Santa Ana Volcano

If you plan to visit El Salvador, hiking the Santa Ana Volcano should be a must-do on your travel list. If you are a true adventure soul, hiking on an active volcano will surely give you an adrenaline rush. 

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Though it’s a bit dangerous, you can always go in groups and follow the news updates. With a beasty height of 2,381 meters, it is also considered the highest volcano in the country.

Santa Ana vulcano
Santa Ana vulcano

6. Salvadorans Are Known For Their Kindness

Generally, the people of El Salvador are famous for their kind-hearted nature and good behavior.

In fact, they go out of their way to help each other and even the tourists. So, if you are ever in trouble in El Salvador, just give a call for help!

7. The Spanish Is Different

Salvadoran Spanish is much different from the native Spanish language you have heard in Spain. The Spanish dialect here has been a lot influenced by the regional neighbors.

So, don’t be surprised if you find Spanish different from what you learned in school! 

8. The “Anil” Color Of Mayan Pyramids Was Produced In El Salvador

“Anil” color, the royal blue color seen in the popular Mayan pyramids, was produced only in El Salvador.

Having said that, we now know how artistic the Salvadorans are!

9. Joya De Ceren Is An UNESCO World Heritage Site Of El Salvador

Just like Pompeii in Italy, Joya De Ceren happened to be a pre-Hispanic community.  But it remained buried due to a volcanic eruption back in 600 AD.

Panoramic view of the Tamazcal (Structure 9) excavated at Area 2. Remains of maya village of Joya de Cerén buried by volcano eruption around A.D. 600 (El Salvador).
Remains of Maya village of Joya de Cerén buried by a volcano eruption around A.D. 600 (El Salvador)

10. Pipiles Once inhabited El Salvador

Did you know – the indigenous descendants of El Salvador were Pipiles?

Back in the Colonial period, they were actually Mexican migrants who migrated in the 11th century from the Gulf Coast.

11. El Salvador has the fourth-largest economy in Central America

After Panama and Costa Rica, El Salvador happens to be the fourth-largest country in Central America as far as the economy is concerned. The GDP PPP of the country stands out to be $50,903 million.

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So if you consider relocating to Central America, it might be quite a good option.

12. Pupusas Are Quite Popular In El Salvador’s Culinary

Pupusas are one of the most popular breakfast options you’ll get in El Salvador. They are consumed by busy working professionals who prefer to snack on the go.

So, don’t forget to give it a shot!


13. El Salvador Doesn’t Have A Caribbean Coastline

Surrounded by Honduras and Guatemala in Central America, El Salvador relies on the Pacific for its beach fun because there aren’t any Caribbean coastlines.

Compared to the Caribbean, the Pacific is quite temperamental, which makes it perfect for surfing.

14. Mayas Inhabited El Salvador During Pre-Columbian Era

In the Pre-Columbian Era, between 600 CE to 900 CE, people of Mayan civilization lived in the highlands of El Salvador and Guatemala.

It was with the Mayas (people of Mayan civilization) that pre-Columbian America had the chance to set foot in major discoveries in the field of mathematics and astronomy.

15. El Salvador Is The Most Densely Populated Country in America

There’s not a single place in El Salvador which doesn’t accommodate people. In fact, every corner of El Salvador is populated – thanks to its growing industrialization scopes, coffee exports, and fertile agricultural lands.

16. The Highest Mountain Of The Country Is Cerro El Pital

The Cerro El Pital is a major attraction in El Salvador because of its unique location amidst the cloudy forests.

Don’t forget to hike up to the spot and explore its beauty when you are there.

 Dawn at Cerro El Pital, highest point in El Salvador
Dawn at Cerro El Pital, highest point in El Salvador

17. The Archaeological Ruins Of Tazumal Are Best Preserved In El Salvador

If you are a history fanatic and love to explore the ruins, then El Salvador has the exotic archaeological ruins of Tazumal for you.

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Even though the museum is the star of the show, you can also take local tours and explore around.

18. There Are Five National Parks In El Salvador

El Boqueron National Park (Crater del Volcán de San Salvador National Park), El Imposible National Park, Los Volcanes National Park (Cerro Verde National Park), San Diego and San Felipe Las Barras National Park, and Montecristo National Park are there five wondrous tourist places you will find in El Salvador.

El Boqueron National Park
El Boqueron National Park

19. Guanacos Is A Nickname Of The Salvadorans

As the Salvadorans come from an agricultural working culture, they are recognized as hard-working people and take great pride in their stamina.

That’s the reason they have been given the name Guanacos (A South American ruminant similar to a camel).


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