21 Fun Facts About Kuwait That’ll Inspire You To Book A Trip

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Bordering Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait city is known for its high-income economy, courtesy of having the world’s 6th largest oil reserves. From eye-catching skyscrapers to green parks, Kuwait has everything a traveler needs on a must-visit list. 

Here are some fun yet unique facts about Kuwait you wouldn’t have heard of. 

1. Kuwait Has The 6th Largest Oil Reserves In The World

With over 104 billion oil reserves, Kuwait has the 6th largest oil reserves in the world. The other five countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Iraq, and Venezuela. 

2. Kuwaiti Dinar Is World’s Highest Valued Currency

Kuwaiti Dinar, the country’s official currency, is the world’s highest-valued currency. As of 2022, 1 KD equals US$3.32.

3. Kuwait Sits At 196th Position Out Of 201 Countries In Terms Of The Female-To-Male Ratio

With 2.65 million males and 1.67 million females as of 2021, Kuwait is ranked 196th out of 201 countries in terms of the female-to-male ratio. 

4. Kuwaitis Are Minorities In Kuwait

As of October 2022, Kuwait’s total population is over 4,422,125. Out of this, merely 1.45 million are Kuwait nationals, with the remaining being foreigners from other countries.

Note: Indians are the 2nd largest community in Kuwait. 

5. Over 42% Of Kuwaitis Are Obese

Over 42% of the residents of Kuwait are obese. This makes the country 5th fattest in the Middle East, after Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE. 

6. Jahra In Kuwait Once Recorded The Maximum Temperature Of 54°C In 2016

Jahra, a famous Kuwait town, once recorded its maximum temperature of 54°C in 2016. Furthermore, the town’s temperature often breaches the 50°C mark in summer, making it one of the hottest places on Earth. 

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7. Kuwait Is Home To The Largest Cultural Center In The Middle East

Being culturally rich, Kuwait is home to the largest cultural center in the Middle East, the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, or JAC.

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre at night time

It consists of numerous libraries, theatres, concert halls, etc. 

8. Machboos Is The National Dish Of Kuwait

A fragrant rice-based dish served with fresh meat, Machboos is the national dish of Kuwait. Your visit to the country won’t be complete if you don’t try Machboos at least once. 

9. “Kuwait Towers” Is The Top Tourist Attraction In The Country 

Made up of two buildings and one light rode, the Kuwait Towers is the top tourist attraction. It was built on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf and was first opened to the public in 1979. 

10. Camel Racing Is Kuwait’s Popular Sporting Activity & Festival

When it comes to sporting life in Kuwait, it can’t be described without camel racing, which is also celebrated as a festival there. You can witness this iconic camel racing event from October to April at the Kuwait Camel Racing Club

11. Al Hamra Tower Is The 23rd Tallest Skyscraper In The World

With 80 floors and a height of 413 meters, the Al Hamra Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the state of Kuwait and 23rd in the world.

Al Hamra Tower next to other buildings

The project was started in 2005 and completed in 2011. 

12. Kuwait Is A Leading Country In Desalination Process

Being an arid and humid country, there are no freshwater reserves in Kuwait. Instead, it has access to saline sea and groundwater. Thus, to meet its freshwater needs, there are a total of six desalination plants. 

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13. Kuwait Witnesses Around 30-35 Rainfall Days Throughout The Year

In 2022, Kuwait witnessed just 35 rainfall days. On the other hand, the country enjoyed its highest rainfall days of 43 days in 2018. 

14. The Avenues Is The Largest Shopping Mall In Kuwait

The Avenues is Kuwait’s largest shopping mall located in the Rai area. A total of 800 stores run inside the mall, with a parking capacity of over 10,000 cars.

Inside The Avenues shopping mall in Kuwait

Looking to buy something and can’t find it anywhere? Visit The Avenues and you’ll almost certainly find it there!

15. Kuwait Means “Fort”

Do you know the country’s name is from the diminutive Arabic form of كوت (Kut or Kout)? It means “fortress built near water.”

16. Arabic Is The National Language Of Kuwait

The national language of Kuwait is Arabic, which is also mandatory for naturalization. Besides Arabic, the other widely spoken languages are English, Hindi, Persian, Urdu, etc. 

17. Women In Kuwait Were Granted The Right To Vote In 2005

Despite having established their constitution in early 1963, it was only in 2005 that women got their right to vote after lots of struggle and violent protests. 

18. Transportation System In Kuwait Is Mostly Road-Based

Kuwait is a small country (in terms of available space.) Thus, its transportation system is mainly road-based, with one car for every 2.25 people. Local bus services form the vast majority of country’s domestic public transport network. 

19. Merely 1% Of Land In Kuwait Is Arable

Due to its harsh weather conditions and limited water resources, only 1% of the land is arable in Kuwait.

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Kuwait desert landscape

As a result, the country heavily depends on imports from South Asian countries. Even basic vegetables and fruits are imported.  

20. Failaka Island Is The Only Inhabited Island In Kuwait

Kuwait has a total of 9 islands. However, only Failaka Island, spanning over 20 sq. km., is the only inhabited island. Its population is just 147. 

21. A Man Cannot Gift Anything Directly To Women

In Kuwait, if a man wishes to gift anything to a woman, the gift must come from his wife, sister, mother, etc. In other words, from any of his female relatives.

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