29 Fun Facts About Monaco To Rub Shoulders With The Rich

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One of the richest countries in the world, Monaco sits along the French Riviera and is home to some of the most glamorous homes and people anywhere on earth.

Featured heavily in Hollywood films, this ritzy country has stirred the imaginations of millions. Here are 29 more reasons to add Monaco to your bucket list!

1. Known as Billionaires Playground

Monaco has been nicknamed ‘Billionaire’s Playground’ in publications for years.

They may want to change their nickname because while one in three people in Monaco is a millionaire, Monaco is home to only half a dozen billionaires.

2. Highest Cost Per Square Foot in the World

Monaco has some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

The annual 2022 Real Estate Observatory Report stated real estate in Monaco is €52,000 euros per square meter or roughly €4830 euros per square foot.

3. Second Smallest Country on Earth

Monaco is the smallest nation in the world, only larger than Vatican City. It is only 0.85 square miles but has been growing thanks to the receding Mediterranean Sea.

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It is even smaller than New York’s Central Park!

4. World’s Highest Population Density

Monaco has slightly less than 40,000 people and they are all compressed into an area that is less than 1 square mile. There’s a reason they built real estate vertically.

5. Monaco’s Citizens Cannot Gamble

Not only are Monaco’s citizens not allowed to gamble, but they aren’t allowed to step foot in the world-famous Casino de Monte-Carlo.

6. 382 Movies Have been Filmed in Monaco

Hollywood is obsessed with Monaco and according to IMDB, 382 movies have listed Monaco as a filming location.

Three of the most popular movies filmed here are James Bond Movies including Casino Royale, Never Say Never Again, and Golden Eye.

7. World’s Shortest Coastline

Monaco has the world’s shortest coastline at 3.83 kilometers or 2.83 miles. This isn’t exactly surprising given the size of Monaco itself.

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8. France is Responsible for Defending Monaco

Monaco is a rich country without a large national defense system.

For that, Monegasque people turn to France for protection, based on hundreds of years of mutual economic ties and treaties.

9. Fish is the Only Natural Resource of Monaco

The only natural resource in the country of Monaco is fish, which comes from its location near the Mediterranean Sea. Fisheries pull in roughly 1 metric ton of fish annually.

10. Highest Density of Millionaires in Europe

Monaco has the highest density of millionaires and billionaires per capita. There is one billionaire per 12,600 residents of Monaco and this number is only rising.

luxury cars in Monaco

The main reason for all the localized wealth is there is no income tax, business tax, or capital gains tax in Monaco so the country is considered a tax haven by the ultra-wealthy.

11. Highest Life Expectancy in the World

Monaco has world-class health care and a citizenry that can afford to pay for it.

The average life expectancy is 89.5 years in Monaco. Interestingly, the death rate is much higher than the birth rate!

12. No Poverty or Unemployment

The only people who are unemployed in Monaco are the ones who chose to be.

Monaco also has no citizens living below the poverty line.

13. Medieval Architecture

Le Rocher or Monaco Ville is a nod back to the medieval era featuring medieval architecture that was originally part of the walled city and once part of the fortified fortress built by the Genoese.

14. Home of a Botanical Succulent Garden

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, Jardin Exotique in Monaco is a sight that shouldn’t be missed.

Succulent garden in Monaco

Succulents are featured prominently in the open air and the location on the cliffs offers unparalleled views. Many of the plants are more than a hundred years old!

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15. Only One Public Beach in Monaco

Monaco’s only beach is Larvotto Beach, which is located near Avenue Princess Grace.

It offers a stunning view of the sea, and there are numerous restaurants and bars nearby if you’d like to enjoy a bite. Of course, you could always order a martini – shaken, not stirred.

16. Monaco Grand Prix is Epic

This famous Formula One race is held annually in Monaco and has been a tradition since 1929. It is often considered one of the most prestigious car races in the world.

The late Ayrton Senna has won the Monaco Grand Prix the most, claiming 1st place 6 times!

17. World Famous Oceanographic Museum

Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum was originally built in 1910. It is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the country.

18. Monaco has a Low Crime Rate

Monaco has a low crime rate likely because they have more police per person than any other country and a large number of surveillance cameras throughout the principality to discourage crime.

19. Jewelry is One of its Largest Imports and Exports

Jewelry is listed highly on both import and export lists and is just one of the luxury goods and commodities that Monaco has to offer.

20. More than 75% are Foreign Born

Three-fourths of the population of Monaco are foreign-born, one of the highest percentages of any country in the world.

According to the official statistics of the principality, only 9,259 out of 38,300 residents were born there.

21. Grace Kelly Became Monaco’s Princess in 1956

Grace Kelly was an iconic Hollywood actress who married the Prince of Monaco. She lived in Monaco until a tragic car accident claimed her life.

Her second son, Albert II is the current ruler of Monaco.

22. The Principality of Monaco is Entirely Urban

The entire nation of Monaco is urban and heavily developed. This isn’t to say that it isn’t scenic – the rocky cliffs and sunny beach offer an idyllic Mediterranean backdrop to the Billionaire’s playground!

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23. Europe’s Oldest Ruling House

The Grimaldi family lineage has been unbroken for over 600 years, making it the oldest ruling family in Europe.

The prince's palace in Monaco

Even the current ruler Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi is a true descendant, and he has four children to carry on the family name.

24. World Famous Opera House

Monaco’s Opéra de Monte-Carlo or Salle Garnier is one of the most opulent locations to enjoy the opera anywhere in the world.

It is part of the Monte Carlo Casino and is the only opera house in the world with exterior views.

25. There is no Airport in Monaco

But one can reach it via helipad! It is said that every 20 minutes a helicopter arrives in Monaco.

If you need to fly, the nearest airport is in Nice, France.

26. Monopolies Help Support the State

The state has several monopolies which help bring in revenue to support the principality including the postal service, tobacco industry and telephone network.

28. Tourism is Huge In Monaco

Tourism is a huge part of what makes Monaco’s economy so successful.

The rail link that opened with France in the late 19th century was one way that visitors were able to begin to come to Monaco en-masse.

Today, the tourism industry makes up roughly 15% of Monaco’s annual revenue.

29. You Can Walk Across Monaco in Under an Hour

At an average walking pace, you can walk across the country in under an hour.

How many other countries on earth can you see in less than an hour? For this reason alone, it is worth visiting Monaco the next time you’re in France!


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