11 Fun Facts About Montenegro

montenegro fun facts

Montenegro borders Bosnia and Herzegovina in the west, Albania and Kosovo in the southeast, Serbia in the north, the Adriatic sea in the south, and Italy on the other side.

The Republic of Montenegro is a small country with beautiful beaches, magnificent lakes, bird reserves, and black mountains.

Did you know that you can enjoy the sun and the snow in Montenegro on the same day? Here are some fun facts about Montenegro.

1. Known As The ‘Land Of Black Mountain.’

The warm beaches of Montenegro make it the perfect place to spend your summer vacation. However, did you know that Montenegro is named after its mountains?

The origin of Montenegro is Italian, with Monte meaning Mountains and Negro meaning Black. Hence, the country is also called Crna Gora by the Montenegrins.

2. Montenegro Houses 117 Beaches

Along the 294km (183 miles) of the Montenegrin coast, there are 117 beaches. These beaches are of various types: sandy beaches, tiny hidden beaches, rocky beaches, and ones with pink pebble stones.

The tourists in Montenegro are spoiled with choices.

Slovenska Beach in Budva, Montenegro
Slovenska Beach in Budva, Montenegro

3. Montenegro Has The Biggest Bird Reserve

Lake Skadar in Montenegro is the biggest bird reserve in Europe and a famous tourist destination. It is an important spot for migrating birds and is also home to 270+ bird species. Dalmatian pelicans are one of the most popular bird species.

The breeding ground of the birds in the coastal town is well protected for tourists to visit and observe the birds in a traditional boat. Some other birds in Lake Skadar are storks, pygmy, cormorants, ibises, egrets, falcons, and herons.

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Ulcinj Salina is the biggest salt producer of the Mediterranean sea and houses a steadily increasing flock of flamingos. There are 500+ flamingos and 40,000 birds at a time.

 A view of Lake Skadar
A view of Lake Skadar

4. Home To The Largest Lake Of The Balkans

Shared by Albania and Montenegro, lake Shkodra is the largest lake in the Balkans. It has majestic and beautiful views surrounded by mountains and plains.

Since the water level varies due to rainfall, nature is still untouched, making it a perfect spot to add to your list. The lake hosts several birds, fish, and wild animals.

5. Houses The St. Tryphon Cathedral Of Kotor

St. Tryphon Cathedral is one of the famous remarks of Kotor. Montenegro has only two Roman Catholic cathedrals, and St Tryphon is considered Kotor’s protector.

The church was built on a site in 809 where the severed head of St Tryphon was brought from Istanbul.

Did you know the saint’s head was on its way to Dubrovnik, Croatia? However, it stayed in Kotor and ever since has been there.

Tryphon Cathedral Of Kotor
Tryphon Cathedral Of Kotor

6. Montenegro Has One of The Oldest Olive Tree In The World

In the southern town of Bar, there is one of the oldest olive trees around the globe, known as the Stara Maslina.

The tree is a prime attraction of the location, famous for its olives, and it’s a 2000-year-old tree.

Stara Maslina
Stara Maslina

7. Montenegro Is Located In 4 Climatic Zones

Montenegro is situated in four climatic zones. This means that even on a sunny day, you can take a trip to the mountains of Montenegro and enjoy the snow.

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Due to climate change and global warming, the winters are mild. However, you might still get a chance to witness snowfall in the Prokletije National park.

There are several ski resorts around Montenegro. So on a January morning, you can enjoy a cup of coffee by the sea and the gentle winter sun, and in the afternoon, you can visit Zablkjak to enjoy playing in the snow.

8. Sveti Stefan Village Is Now A Luxury Hotel

Located a few miles south of the old town of Budva is the eye-catching little island of Sveti Stefan. It was once home to 400 people; however, in the first half of the 20th century, the people emigrated, and by 1954, the population had decreased to 20.

The island was turned into a luxury hotel by communists. By 1970, it was a ground for the famous and rich Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Orson Welles, Sophia Loren, and Princess Margaret.

In 2007, the Yugoslavic war paused the visitors. However, the Aman Resort chain reopened it and started welcoming guests again.

9. Home To The Peculiar Phoenix Plant Known As Ramonda Serbica

The unique phoenix plant of the Balkans is found in Montenegro and is known as the Ramonda Serbica. It is a reserved flowering plant located on the slopes of Rumija.

The interesting fact about the flower is that it can come back to life with the first rain when it dries up.

Ramonda Serbica
Ramonda Serbica

10. Montenegrins Are Considered The Tallest People On Earth

Montenegrins are the tallest people on Earth, with an average height for males of nearly 186 cm.

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11. Tara River Canyon Is The Biggest Canyon In Europe

Tara River Canyon is an unexplored gem of Europe. The river is a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and flows through the country of the black mountains.

The walls of the Tara Canyon are 1.333 m (4373 feet) deep and are the second deepest canyon in the world after Grand Canyon. The river is also known as the ‘Tears of Europe‘ and is 158 km (98 miles) long with fourteen different rivers flowing.


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