12 Unique Facts You Did Not Know About San Marino

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Located just three hours away from Venice, San Marino is a tiny country that gives you one of the best views of Italy.

Tucked between two Italian regions named Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche, the landlocked country seems like a part of Italy!

The country is perfect if you are visiting Italy and want to take a day trip nearby. And here are some fun facts you should know before you pay a visit to San Marino.

1. San Marino Is The World’s Oldest Surviving Republic

Founded on Sep 3, 301, San Marino is considered to be the world’s oldest surviving republic.

Apart from that, the country also has the oldest constitution that is still effective. The constitution was established in the 1600s. This is more than 420 years now, and it is still followed by the people.

2. San Marino Is The Fifth Smallest Country In The World

With an area of around 24 square miles, San Marino is among the top five smallest countries in the world.

The country is home to around 34 thousand people but hosts millions of tourists each year.

Apart from San Marino, the list of smallest countries includes Vatican City, Monaco, etc.

3. San Marino Is Known For Its Wealth And Abundance

Even though the country is small, it is considered one of the wealthiest in the world.

The country’s economy is dependent on sectors like tourism, banking, manufacturing, ceramic exports, clothing, paints, spirits, wine, etc.

The per capita level of output and standard of living are often compared to one of the highly prestigious regions of Italy, which gives it the title of one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

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4. Even though The Culture And Language Are The Same As Italy’s, DO NOT Call Them Italian

Being surrounded by Italy, it is quite understandable that the country’s culture and language will have similarities. Well, they are quite the same.

Both countries speak Italian and have similar food preferences. But don’t ever call them Italian since the country’s people take great pride in calling themselves Sammarinese. 

5. When In San Marino, Don’t Miss On The Cheese and Wine

The country is famous for its wine and cheese production. There are numerous small and independent wineries that produce wine the traditional way.

sangiovese 432 1 2

One of the most famous wines of San Marino is Sangiovese red, but they also produce white wine. The wine of San Marino is classified as IO, which is equivalent to Italy’s DOC.

6. The Country Is Named After A Stonemason

The country was named after a Christian Dalmatian stonemason named Saint Marinus. He arrived in Monte Titano  1600 years ago as a refugee from his homeland on the Dalmatian coast.

In 1085, the Monastery at Mount Titano canonised Marino and gave him the title of Saint, therefore naming the place Saint or San Marino.

7. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln Was the Honorary Citizen Of This Country

San Marino has always been a country that values individuals who made a significant contribution to the cause of freedom and democracy.

san marino circa 1959 a stamp printed in san marino shows abraham lincoln and his praise of san marino circa 1959 2JE1E06

Abraham Lincoln played a great part in abolishing slavery and preserving the Union during the American Civil Wars. This was one of the main reasons why the Government of San Marino chose to offer then-U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1861) honorary citizenship of the country.

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8. Mount Titano Is The Tallest Region Of San Marino And Has Three Peaks

Part of the Italian Apennine Mountains, Mount Titano is the heart of San Marino. The mountain has its own beauty that tourists can enjoy, but the views one can get of Italy and the Adriatic Sea are unparalleled.

Monte Titano

The peak of Mount Titano comprises three towers named Guaita, Cesta, and Montale that surround the city of San Marino.

9. You Can Enter The Parliament Building Of San Marino Just Like Any Museum

Yes, you heard it right! You can simply buy a ticket to Palazzo Pubblico, aka the parliament of the Republic of San Marino, and have a day trip!

Chamber of the Grand and General Council of San Marino

It is located near Liberty Square. It is open daily except for public holidays. It is better to buy the combined ticket for the state museum and the historical towers along with the parliament house.

10. Don’t Forget To Visit The Old Town Of The City of San Marino, Located On Mount Titano

The Old Town of the City of San Marino is located on Mount Titano, where you can witness castles from the 11th to 13th centuries.

san marino city

Castello Della Cesta is from the 13th century and is located on the cliff top, making it the most iconic and most photographed site in the country.

11. San Marino Is Among The Very Few Countries That Stayed Neutral During World War II

During World War II, when all the countries were forced to take a side, despite its small size, San Marino stayed neutral.

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One of the main reasons was the country’s long tradition of neutrality and independence. San Marino is also one of the countries that have had very few military conflicts in the past.

12. Selling Postage Stamps To Visitors Brings A Lot Of Revenue To The Country

The country is huge in tourism and hosts around three million visitors every year. While on their day trips, visitors like collecting postage stamps and coins as a souvenir.

A passionate stamp collector’s collection will remain unfinished if they don’t have at least a couple of beautifully designed stamps of San Marino.

From Renaissance paintings to Baroque paintings, the postage stamps of San Marino can fit any thematic collection. Around 10% of the country’s revenue is generated from the sales of postage stamps and collectible coins.


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