12 Fun Facts About The Bahamas For Your Next Epic Vacation

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The Bahamas feature turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, but there is more to explore beyond the typical tourist brochures.

I’ve collected some of the most unique fun facts about The Bahamas that’ll have you booking your next vacation in no time!

1. The Bahamas Is Home To The World’s Deepest Blue Hole!

The Dean’s Blue hole on Long Island is the deepest saltwater hole in the world.

It is located right next to the shore, and one can go from the shallowest water to a steep drop of 202m (663ft)! 

It is a very loved spot for divers, especially who aim to make world records.

2. The Country Is Amongst The Two Countries That Lie On The Tropic Of Cancer In The Western Hemisphere

Even though there are quite a few large countries in the Western Hemisphere near the Tropic of Cancer, like Florida and Cuba, the line only crosses two countries.

One is in the Bahamas, and the other one is in Mexico.

3. The Tallest Point Of The Country Is Only 207 Feet (63m) Tall!

As a country made up of raised coral reefs and sandbars, there isn’t much elevation happening in the Bahamas.

The tallest location is on Cat Island, named Mount Alvernia. This was created due to angled coral reefs. 

This may seem very “short” for the highest point, but the Bahamas is not the only country on the list. In fact, it is the fourth on the list!

4. It Is The Only Country With A Currency With An Image Of A Musical Group!

The $1 note from the country has an image of the Nassau Police Marching Band. This makes it the only currency in the world with a marching band.

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Additionally, the Nassau Police Marching band is the only marching band (or any celebrity) to ever appear on a legal tender.

5. It Is Forbidden To Wear Camouflage Clothing In The Bahamas

Hunters, leave those cammos! Similar to some countries, it is illegal for both citizens and tourists to roam around in camouflage clothes.

According to the law, camo clothing should only be worn by security forces, the military, and other police-like personnel. This can also include camouflage sandals, caps and bathing suits.

6. The Bahamas Is Heaven For Cave Divers

The country is made of limestone and coral reefs, and it treasures some breathtaking caves that look out of this world. 

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These caves are older than thousand years and were formed when the sea water level was 100 times lower than it is now.

After the last glaciation, when the sea water level rose, these caves got filled with water and created this unimaginable underwater world. 

7. The Bahamas Is On The List Of The Top Three Countries With The Highest GDP

The Bahamas is the third richest country in the west! The first and second position goes to the United States and Canada. 

A whopping 60% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism, which is very obvious.

The Bahamian dollar is held equivalent to the US dollar.

8. The Bahamas Is Actually Not In The Caribbean!

It may come as a shock, but it’s technically true. The Lucayan Archipelago, commonly known as the Bahamas archipelago, is actually located in the north of the Caribbean.

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The islands are not formed by volcanism like the other islands located in the sea, and technically they should be a part of the West Indies based on their origin.

However, due to the similarities in climate and history, it is thought to be a part of the Caribbean.

9. Boxing Day Is The Biggest Celebration In The Country!

Boxing day, famously known as the Junkanoo festival, is the biggest festival celebrated by Bahamians. 

Running on the 26th of December every year, this huge carnival includes bands, parades, parties, costumes, and floats.

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It is almost like a carnival going on in the country, and its proximity to Christmas makes it even grander and more special.

Chances are you won’t find any hotels to stay during late December, so if you plan to visit, make sure to book months in advance.

10. In The Bahamas, You Pay ZERO Sales Or Income Tax!

Lucky Bahamians, right? The Bahamas is amongst 14 countries in the world where people don’t have to pay any sales tax or income tax

Instead of generating taxes, the economy relies upon tourism and ship registrations. They also place high tariffs on imported goods.

11. The Country Is The Seventh Highest On The List Of Having The Most Registered Ships In The World.

As the country is very lenient about its tax policies, most ships near the country are registered under the Bahamas, even if they aren’t from the country. 

This tax benefit is called “flags of convenience,” and there’s a high chance if you see a cruise sailing in the Caribbeans, it is flying a flag from the Bahamas. 

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12. You Can Legally Enter The Bahamas By Sea, Even Without A Passport!

Well, it’s not for everyone, but if you are a US citizen, then you can enter the Bahamas via sea even if you don’t have a valid passport. This trick only works if you come on a cruise or boat.

Some cruisers are allowed same-day explorations, but in some cases, they are allowed to travel on land for days. But there’s a catch – if you have an emergency and need to fly back (instead of going by boat), you may be scrutinized upon departure and re-entry into the United States.

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