17 Tuvalu Fun Facts For The Picture-Perfect Vacation

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There is a good chance you haven’t heard much about Tuvalu. This island country in the Pacific is one of the smallest and least favorable countries, but it still has some fascinating things to discover.

So, let’s dive in and explore some fun Tuvalu facts right away. 

1. One Of the Smallest Countries in the World

There are 193 countries in the United Nations, and Tuvalu stands at the 193rd position in the list. This country of the Pacific islands has a population of around 11,192. It is the fourth smallest country in the world.

2. Credit Cards are Not Accepted in Tuvalu

No shop, hotel, or restaurant accepts credit cards in Tuvalu. As they have one of the smallest economies, they mostly operate in cash. 

There are very few places for you to spend in Tuvalu. You get one hotel and one guest house in the country, plus a small selection of restaurants and cafes. 

3. Tuvalu Has no ATMs

After reading the last fact, if you thought of carrying your ATM cards to withdraw cash anytime you need it, here is the catch…

There are no ATMs in Tuvalu, which means you have to carry Australian dollars with you before you board your flight to this country.

And to make it more challenging, Fiji is the only place that offers direct flights to Tuvalu, and it’s sometimes difficult to source Australian dollars in Fiji.

4. Tuvalu has the Most Liberal Visa Policy

Tuvalu is open to visitors and warmly welcomes them. Anyone from any country worldwide can easily travel to Tuvalu without a visa or get one right after landing there. 

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Irrespective of the country you belong to, you don’t have to go through the hassle of applying for a visa to travel to this country. 

5. Tuvalu Hosts Just 2,000 Visitors Every Year

Even with such leniency in visa policies, Tuvalu still hosts only 2,000 visitors yearly. It is mostly because of the lack of amenities and facilities in the country. However, you do have a serene paradise to relax and rejuvenate. 

Most people who visit this country want to get out of the city hustle and spend a peaceful and quiet time far away from their usual lives. 

6. Tuvalu Has no Army 

Tuvalu is one of the 22 countries of this world that has no army of its own. It might be because they don’t have that big of a population to form an army, plus, they might not need it ever. 

7. Tuvalu is Among the Many Pacific Nations with the Fattest Populations

When you don’t have much to do in a country, you can only think of having enough food and rest. And this fun fact is the outcome of such leisure. 

In a report from 2017, Tuvalu was ranked as the 5th most obese nation. More than 81% of the population above 18 years of age was classified as obese. 

8. Tuvalu Could Be Underwater Anytime Soon

It might not sound like a fun fact, but it is something to be aware of. Tuvalu is entirely made up of coral atolls and is not very high from the sea level. 

The highest point of Tuvalu is 4.6 meters or 15 ft. above sea level. Even the slightest rise in sea levels due to climate change can drown this entire island country. 

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9. People of Tuvalu Have a Great Sense of Community

Despite of lack of facilities and amenities in their country, the people of Tuvalu are very warm and friendly. 

They believe in communal living and are quite serious about it. They can claim their best friends as true siblings and live together like a family. 

10. Tuvalu is a Very Small Island Country

You might have heard about many small island countries such as Aruba, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Curacao, etc. 

view of Tuvalu from the plane

Tuvalu is an exception. It is among the smallest, with a land area of just 26 square kilometers or 10 square miles. The narrowest point of Tuvalu is just 20 meters wide. 

11. Tuvalu Wasn’t Initially Part of the United Nations 

Tuvalu didn’t have enough money to get into the United Nations initially. However, they got lucky when domains were distributed to countries by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). 

Tuvalu got the ‘.tv’ country domain extension, which they used for negotiating a lease for 12 years and $50 million in 2000. They did the same again in 2012, which was used for adding Tuvalu to the UN and setting up basic facilities in the country. 

12. The ‘.tv’ Domain Generates 10% of Tuvalu’s Revenue

As the domain is in high demand in the media and TV industry, they offer this domain extension to respective companies. Today, this helps generate a cumulative revenue of 10% for the country. 

13. 60% of the Country’s Population Resides in the Country’s Capital

Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu, is home to around 6000 people. It is 60% of Tuvalu’s entire population.

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14. Tuvalu has a Balanced Climate Throughout the Year

Tuvalu’s weather throughout the year is neither too hot nor too cold. The average temperature around the country hovers mostly around 28-30 degrees celsius. 

If you crave to spend your vacation in a perfect climate, then Tuvalu is your go-to destination. 

15. Tuvalu has No Rivers! People Rely on Rain for Fresh Water

Tuvalu has no rivers to collect and process fresh water. Instead, they collect rainwater in special tanks to process it and use it for drinking and cooking purposes.

16. The Retirement Age Across the World is the Average Life Expectancy in Tuvalu

On average, people of Tuvalu live for around 66 years, which is commonly the work retirement age for people of other countries. 

17. Tuvaluans Bury the Dead Right in the Yard Right Next to their House

A fun and creepy fact about Tuvalu is that the people bury the dead in a yard next to their house. They don’t have specific cremation centers or graveyards.

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