14 Fun Facts About Costa Rica To Experience True Paradise

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Situated between two screen-salted waterbodies, no wonder Costa Rica once won the title of the happiest country in the world. Why will anyone be sad to live in a place that looks like paradise?

I’ve crafted this list of fun facts about Costa Rica that might compel you to move there permanently. 

1. Costa Rica Is Home To 5% Of The World’s Biodiversity

While Costa Rica only covers 0.03 percent of the earth’s surface, it is home to around 6% of the world’s biodiversity

The country lies between North and South America. Because of its location, the country served as an excellent bridge for countless species of animals and plants over the years.

Costa Rica takes their biodiversity seriously and has invested 25.6% of its land area in preserving their National Parks and Reserves.

2. In Nicoya, The Average Life Expectancy Is 100+ Years!

Nicoya, situated in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, is one of the five places in the world where the average life expectancy of humans is more than 100 years.

These types of areas are also called the ‘Blue Zones.’ Why? Here you’ll find the most spectacular beaches in Costa Rica, and water sports like surfing are hugely popular in the Nicoya Peninsula. 

However, that has little to do with the longevity of the people, which is often attributed to economic security and excellent healthcare. 

3. The Country Has Had No Army For More Than 50 Years!

It sounds unbelievable, but in 1949, Costa Rica decided that it no longer needed an army and abolished it

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After abolishing the army, the country redirected this budget on child education. So today, we have a country with no army and a high literacy rate, and that sounds like a winning combination to me!

4. Costa Rica Is Still One Of The Most Politically Stable Countries In The Region

Some might think abolishing the military was not wise and could lead to instability, but that’s not the case! It is one of the most politically stable countries in the Central and Latin American regions.

After the military was dissolved, the country has experienced 16 successive and peaceful presidential elections. See! That is a winning combination.

5. 99% Of The Country’s Electricity Comes From Renewable Energy

This has to be the best aspect of the country: approximately 99% of its electricity is generated from renewable sources!

Wind turbines on top of mountain in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

In a relatively short period of time, Costa Rica has become one of the greenest countries on earth.

6. The People Of Costa Rica Are Incredibly Fond Of Coffee

Who wouldn’t love coffee when you are one of the finest producers of it? Some of the best coffee beans are exported from this country which naturally contributes to the country’s economy. 

I highly recommend one of many coffee bean farm tours. You’ll get to see how coffee beans are processed and taste some of the freshest coffee you’ve eve rhad.

7. Costa Rica Boasts 14 Volcanoes, With 5 Still Active

The country is home to more than a dozen of volcanos with 5 of which still active.

Irazu is the tallest volcano, with a height of 11,260 feet from the mean sea level and its last eruption was in 1994.

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8. The Citizens Of Costa Rica Are Not Called Costa Ricans!

No, the people of Costa Rica are not called Costa Ricans as we commonly assume.

Instead, they have two adorable names which are Ticos (male) and Ticas (female).

There’s a funny reason behind it. Apparently, they love adding the suffix “-ico” or “-ica” when they speak, so that’s where their names originated from.

9. The Country Has Some Of The Coolest-looking Currencies!

Unlike some other countries, Costa Rica’s currencies feature vibrant images of animals and insects ranging from a monkey and a sloth to butterflies to white-tailed deer.

Costa Rica currency

Naturally, all these animals can be spotted within the country.

10. In Costa Rica, You Can See The Sun Rising On The Caribbean Sea And Setting In The Pacific Ocean In A Single Day

Given its unique geographic location, you can enjoy the sunrise at the Caribbean Sea and watch the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean, located on the opposite side of the country.

The narrow shape of the country makes it possible to travel from the east coast to the west coast within just hours.

11. The Country Was The Pioneer Of Ecotourism

Costa Rica was the first country to use its rich biodiversity as a tourist attraction. 

Since the 1980s, they have been advertising their pristine national parks to boost their economy.

12. Their Famous Stone Spheres Look Suspiciously Hand-carved By Prehistoric People

These virtually perfect stone spears are supposedly 2000 years old and range from a few inches to eight feet in diameter. 

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Stone spheres in Costa Rica

Their purpose is still unknown, but there are many assumptions.

13. Costa Rica Has One Of The Biggest Tourism Industries In Central America, Making Up 12.5% Of The Country’s GDP

After coffee export and agriculture, tourism is one of the most significant contributors to the country’s GDP. 

I’m not just talking about eco-tourism here, as the country is filled with amusements for tourists starting from snorkeling to bungee jumping, and for the less adventurous, tranquil yoga retreats are dotted around the mountains.

14. They Have A UNESCO Heritage Site That Is Similar To The Jurrasic Park’s Island

With no permanent residents and only a couple of Costa Rican Park rangers, Cocos Island island gives off vibes similar to the Jurassic Park movies. 

Also known as the “treasure island,” some claim the movie was inspired by this island.

Entry on the island requires a permit and there is no accommodation except for the park rangers’ quarters. 

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