10 Fun Facts About Nicaragua That Will Leave You in Awe!

fun facts about nicaragua

Nicaragua is a vibrant and beautiful country with so much to offer – from the lush rainforests to the stunning beaches.

Nicaragua is located on the Pacific coast of the continent. It borders the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica, and Honduras to the east, and Panama to the north. Its capital city is Managua; other major cities include Matagalpa, Leon, and Esteli. 

But did you know that there are many unique facts about Nicaragua that will leave you in awe?

1. Nicaragua Is The Most Diverse Country In Central America

Nicaragua’s geography ranges from lowland valleys to high mountain ranges like Volcan Masaya Volcano.

This means that there are many different climates in Nicaragua, as well as large varieties of plants and animals.

2. Nicaraguan Money Is Named After The Spanish Conquistador

You can thank Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba for the name of Nicaraguan money, the Nicaraguan Córdoba. He was a Spanish conquistador who led troops into Central America in 1520.

The Spanish crown rewarded him with the title “governor of Nicaragua” and gave him land that would become part of modern-day Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan Cordoba
Nicaraguan Cordoba

3. Baseball Is The National Sport Of Nicaragua

Yes, baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua. Interesting right?

Unlike most countries in Latin America that are football fans, Nicaragua chooses baseball as its national sport.

4. There Are No Street Names Or Numbers In Nicaragua

Have you been to a country with no street names or numbers? If not, Nicaragua is the one.

This central American country only uses directions like 3 blocks down the hill and 2 blocks right from the church for navigation.

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5. Ometepe Island Volcanoes

Ometepe Island is a volcanic island located on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. It’s home to two volcanoes: Conception and Maderas. Maderas has been dormant since its last eruption in 2010.

The latter continues to spew lava into the ocean every now and then—and it’s not just any lava. This particular type of molten rock makes for some pretty interesting beaches!

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

6. Nicaragua Comes From Two Words – Nicarao And Agua

Nicaragua is where the first Spanish conquistadors landed, who were looking for gold and other riches but ended up finding something far more valuable: indigenous people who spoke an unknown language they dubbed “Nicarao” (from which we get “Nicaragua”) and “Agua” (water). The combination of these two words came to be known as Nicaragua.

7. The National Dish Of Nicaragua Is Known As Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is a traditional Nicaraguan dish made from rice and beans. It’s also known as “the national dish.”

Gallo Pinto is very popular in Nicaragua, with over half of all Nicaraguans eating it on any given day.

Gallo pinto
Gallo Pinto

8. The Beautiful Rainforests Of Nicaragua Are Popular Among Tourists

You can travel to the beautiful rainforests of Nicaragua and see the many different species of animals, plants, and indigenous people. The rainforests are also home to many other gorgeous sights that tourists will enjoy.

9. Nicaraguan People Speak Indigenous Languages Like Moskito, Rama, And Sumo

The indigenous languages of Nicaragua are Moskito, Rama, and Sumo. The Miskito, Rama, and Sumo people make up most of the population of Nicaragua.

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You can hear these languages spoken in remote villages throughout the country.

10. The “Mosquito coast” Receives The Most Rainfall In Nicaragua

The “Mosquito coast” receives the most rainfall in Nicaragua. It is named after the indigenous people who live there and is one of the poorest regions in this country.

Mosquito Coast, Nicaragua
Mosquito coast, Nicaragua; nasa.gov

However, it also has some beautiful beaches and nature reserves that attract tourists from all over Central America.


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