Discovering Dominica: 14 Fascinating Facts

The best places to visit in Dominica

Dominica is an island nation located in the eastern Caribbean sea that will enchant you with its surreal landscapes and breathtaking experiences.

Are you also thinking of the Dominican Republic? People everywhere often confuse the Caribbean countries that are 600 miles away from each other.

Check out these fun facts to know more about the Commonwealth of Dominica to excite your travel bugs!

1. The Cannibal Island Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Is In Dominica

Are you a fan of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean? Titou Gorge in Morne Trois Pitons National Park and the Indian River are a few locations where scenes of the movie have served as backdrop.

Titou 0006

You will be able to recognize the clips in the film where Will Turner and his shipmates are hanging in bone cages or the Pantano river. These scenes of Cannibal Island were shot in Dominica.

Tourism has indeed risen post popularity of this movie.

2. Dominicans Cure Ailments With Bush Medicine

The Caribs or the Kalinago people, indigenous people who settled in this island nation, have used certain herbs and leaves for healing ailments. Over the years, they have preserved this knowledge and passed it on to generations.

Made from roots, flowers, or leaves of local plants, bush medicine or herb tea is consumed to cure various illnesses.

Having bush tea is also practiced as a tradition!

3. Dominica Is Home To The Hopping Mountain Chicken

Home to one of the largest amphibians, the giant ditch frogs are only found in this island country and Montserrat. These large frogs that grow up to 1kg have earned the name mountain chicken due to the fact that it tastes like chicken.

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This species is critically endangered due to a fungus outbreak but is now being conserved.

4. Dominica Has the World’s Highest Concentration Of Volcanoes

Yes, it has nine active volcanoes, but you don’t have to be skeptical about visiting this picturesque country because of this. There has been no eruption for two decades.

These volcanoes build onto the country’s magnificent scenery and landscapes. You can stroll on the black sand on the Mero beach or hike to the highest point on Morne Diablotins.

5. Visit Dominica For The Love Of Waterfalls

Dominica is blessed with splendid natural locations to relax your nerves. If you love trekking to waterfalls, Dominica offers you plenty.


Get your perfect snap while drenching in nature at Trafalgar, Sari-Sari, or Emerald pool, to name a few.

6. Go Sperm Whale Watching All Year Round

The largest-toothed whale species, the sperm whale, swims in the Dominican waters all year round. Whale watching is one of the best things to do on your trip to Dominica. It is quite likely to spot them as it is the only country where sperm whales inhabit all year.

Added experience is dolphins, which are also spotted often!

7. Dominica Is One Of The Worst Hit Countries By Hurricanes

Dominicans have suffered a lot due to hurricanes in recent times, causing damage to the lives and properties of the population.

Hurricane David devastated the country in 1979, displacing more than 60% of the masses. The recent hurricane in 2017, category five hurricane Maria destroyed more than 90% of the infrastructure.

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The government has been striving hard to be resilient to these natural calamities since the last. Many Dominicans now live outside the country that left during the disaster and never made their way back.

8. Wander On The Caribbean’s First Long-Distance Hiking Trail

Waitukubuli National Trail is a 115 miles hiking trail in Dominica built-in 2012 and is one of its kind. Hiking along this trail will give you an intricate experience of this country’s landscapes.

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A two-week trekking journey amidst mountains and forests like never before!

9. The Second Largest Boiling Lake Is In Dominica

Located in the center of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the boiling lake is the second largest after New Zealand’s.

Trek to this point is rugged terrain, but all the sweat would be worth it when you encounter the spectacular views. You can see fumes rising from the lake with its center boiling.

10. You Can’t Get Enough Of The Nature Island

You will be exhausted from exploring, but Dominica’s natural destinations will not end. There are about 365 rivers, one river each day of the year to visit.

An abundance of waterfalls, lakes, and rainforests will be the perfect natural retreat for your body and soul.

11. Dominica Was Named By Christopher Columbus

The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in the 15th century found this island during his voyage. He named this Caribbean Island nation on the day he reached there.

Domenica in Italian means Sunday. Interestingly that’s where Dominica gets its name from.

12. Enjoying Diving Into The Bubbling Water 

Whether you choose to dive or snorkel at Champagne beach, you will see water rising and bubbling from the ocean bed because of the hot springs.

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Champagne Beach Espiritu Santo 28660966453

These warm waters will also expose you to the vivid colors of the reef species it houses.

You will feel it no less than a rainbow underwater!

13. Dominica Is Home To The Endangered Sisserou Parrots

The Sisserou parrot, the national bird of Dominica, is native to this land. This purple and green feathered friend is an endangered specie that is conserved and is found only in this Caribbean island country.

14. The Last Of The Caribbean Islands That The Europeans Colonized

The native Kalinago people of Dominica are fierce fighters that did not let foreigners invade the country for many years. You can meet these indigenous people who still inhabit the islands in the model village of Kalinago Baran Aute.

Dominica was the last part of the Caribbean islands where the Europeans established their power in the erstwhile.


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