19 Liechtenstein Fun Facts That Make A Trip Worthwhile

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Neighbor to Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a small country with an unbeatable view of the Alps. While Liechtenstein has no large cities, Munich, Milan, and Zürich are a stone’s throw away!

I’m so excited to share with you the fun facts I’ve learned about this landlocked country, and why you should definitely stop here on your next European vacation!

1. Richest Country in the World

Liechtenstein is an incredibly wealthy country and the world’s richest in terms of GDP per capita. Yes, much more than Monaco!

They also have one of the lowest unemployment rates (at 1.5%) and the highest number of private banks. Many people keep their bank accounts and businesses in Liechtenstein because it is known as a tax haven.

2. There is no Airport in Liechtenstein

Yes, a country with no direct flights or airports. To reach Liechtenstein you must either travel from Austria or Switzerland by car or train, but it’s a very scenic route either way!

3. A Top False Teeth Manufacturer

20 percent of the world’s supply of false teeth comes from Ivoclar Vivadent, which is based in Schaan. Sadly, the dentures aren’t gold-plated.

4. No Foreign Embassy Is Allowed

The microstates of Vatican City and Liechtenstein are the only countries in the world not to host any foreign embassies.

5. An Annual Princely Invitation

Every year on August 15th, citizens of Lichenstein are invited by the Prince to party at Vaduz Castle. It is the only day that the castle is open to the public as it is his residence.

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6. Castle Gutenberg

While you may not have the opportunity to visit Vaduz Castle, Castle Gutenberg is open to the public.

Castle Gutenberg as seen from a helicopter

Castle Gutenberg was the former residence of the royal family and was once owned by the Habsburgs! The chapel and rose garden can be seen on Sundays during open hours.

7. Snoop Dog Inquired About Renting Liechtenstein for a Music Video

An idea from an Airbnb and marketing company got Snoop Dog’s attention. An ad online stated that for $70,000 USD per night, the entire country of Liechtenstein could be rented.

For this price, a new currency would be created, street names would be changed and it included wine tasting with the Prince.

Unfortunately, Snoop Dog didn’t give enough notice to shoot his music video so his inquiry was ultimately rejected.

8. Switzerland Accidentally Invaded Liechtenstein

170 armed Swiss soldiers accidentally crossed the unmarked border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 2007. Liechtenstein didn’t even notice the invasion and accepted the formal apology from Switzerland with good grace.

9. It’s Hard to Become a Citizen

Citizenship to Liechtenstein doesn’t come easily. Naturalization can take up to 30 years!

There is one way around the tough requirements, and that is to be allowed in via an election. If the locals like you enough they may vote and consent to your citizenship but Parliament and the Prince have to agree to allow you to become a Liechtensteiner.

10. Has More Companies than People

Many companies register in Liechtenstein because of lax tax laws and the free-enterprise economy. There are 70,000 companies and only 37,000 people in Liechtenstein.

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11. German is the Official Language

While German is considered the official language, many of the citizens of Liechtenstein actually speak the Alemannic dialect which is closer to Swiss Standard German than anything else. As a result, the citizens pronounce their country’s name as Liachtaschta.

12. National Anthem Tune Is Quite Familiar

The national anthem “Oben am jungen Rhein” is performed with the same melody as “God Save the Queen” and “My Country Tis of Thee”.

13. Noise During Lunch is a No Go

Liechtenstein has a one and a half hours national lunch break, and it is advised that excess noise such as lawn mowing isn’t permitted during this time. Naturally, they have quiet hours at night as well.

14. Women Couldn’t Vote Until 1986

This one surprised me! Women of Liechtenstein were given the ability to vote in national elections in 1984, and in local elections in 1986.

15. Accidental Duplication of National Flags

Liechtenstein and Haiti unknowingly developed the same National Flag. It became obvious during the 1936 Olympic games when Liechtenstein first participated.

A comparison graphic of Haiti and Liechtenstein flags and their similarities

After the conclusion of the games, Liechtenstein added a crown to its flag in 1937 and Haiti later added its emblem too.

16. Most Olympic Medals Per Capita

There is one Olympic medal per 3,647 citizens in Liechtenstein – the most in the world! All of their 10 medals have been won in alpine skiing.

Another fun fact is that 7 of the 10 medals were won by a single family.

17. National Prisoner Capacity is 20

Liechtenstein is known for having a low crime rate. It is so low that the national prison capacity is only 20 people at a time. For crimes that require years-long sentencing, neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland host the prisoners for Liechtenstein.

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18. Producer of Gorgeous Ceramics

Handmade ceramic pieces are a form of art in Liechtenstein.

The oldest and most well-known ceramic studio can be found in the area of Eschen. Schädler Pottery in Nendeln is open to visitors and guided tours are also available with advanced notice.

19. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is Stunning

Modern and contemporary art lovers should not miss a visit to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, located in Vaduz. The building was designed by Swiss architects and it has been open since 2000.

The outside of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein displays the national art collection here along with international contemporary pieces from famous artists from around the world.


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