13 Fun Facts About Morocco That Make This Place Unique

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The Moroccan Kingdom is a vastly Arabic, sovereign nation in North Africa. It is the only African country that borders the European Union, as it’s adjacent to Spain.

Casablanca is the nation’s largest city while Rabat is the capital city. Most of Morocco’s buildings, mosques, forts, and palaces are architectural marvels.

Rich culture and history, impressive scholarly pursuits, beautiful coastlines, lush forests, expansive deserts, and high-altitude mountains make this country a unique travel destination.

Here are 13 fun facts about Morocco that truly make this place a unique travel destination.

1. Mint Tea Is Morocco’s National Drink

Tea is a national drink in Morocco. Ordering tea is not just about the flavor but the experience.

Serving tea in the country is a form of art. Moroccan green tea features fresh mint and sugar, with the mint flavor being very pronounced.

Uniquely, Morocco’s green tea is poured from one foot above the glass for easy flavor detection.

2. The Liver Is Morocco’s Love Symbol

While the aphorism I love with all my heart is popular in the west, but according to Moroccan tradition, the liver is considered the symbol of love. Moroccans believe that love and desire come from the liver.

Interesting, right?

3. Chefchaouen – Morocco’s Blue City

Chefchaouen city, in the Kingdom of Morocco, is beyond beautiful. Among the major tourist attractions in the country, the Moroccan city popularly goes by the name ”the Blue Pearl of Morocco” since a vast portion of the mountainous village, and the entire medina is painted pale blue.

Pedestrian street within Morocco's Blue City

Taking pictures and wandering around the medina is popular in Chefchaouen.

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4. Marrakesh – Morocco’s Red City

Just like Morocco’s blue city, a red one also exists. Marrakesh is the red city.

Unlike the blue city, the walls of Marrakesh are not pained red. Instead, the red color results from the clay and red sandstone used to construct many old buildings.

Although the city’s walls are more salmon or pink, Marrakech has the nickname ”the red city.”

5. Morocco Boasts More Than 7 Wine Regions Yet Hard To Find Alcohol

Morocco isn’t one of the top countries that comes into the mind of many regards wine production, yet it has 7 wine regions. However, finding alcohol is hard as consuming alcohol goes against Islam which constitutes 99% of the country’s population.

The country boasts a rich wine production history dating back to the Phoenician period.

6. Morocco Is Among The Homes To The Largest And Hottest Desert On Earth

Technically, Morocco is among the homes of the largest and hottest deserts worldwide. The Sahara Desert stretches across 11 north African countries, including Morocco.

Covering a vastness of 3.3 million square miles, the desert is a popular tourist attraction in Morocco. One of the activities you can take part in while in the desert is a camel trek.

7. Morocco Has A Ski Resort

While many people associate this country with the Sahara Desert, its arid climate, and magnificent beaches, Morocco also has a ski resort.

Morocco ski resort with mountain in background

Although small, Oukaïmeden boasts 7 lifts and over 6 miles of skiing terrain. Though these stats might pale compared to ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains of the U.S. or the Alps, the fact that Morocco has a ski resort really surprised me.

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8. Moroccan Leather Is Both A Souvenir And An Attraction

Morocco has high regard for its leather products. The country’s leather is among the most valuable worldwide.

Tourist flock to the leather tanneries to get a first-hand view of the aromatic process that entails soaking, husking, and drying animal hides before putting them in colorful dyes.

The process of making leather in Morocco has become a top attraction to many people in cities like Fez.

9. Morocco Is Home To The Largest Active And Best-Preserved Medina Worldwide

A Medina is simply a city’s historic quarter.

Morocco is famous for its active and lively medinas. Medinas are usually surrounded by walls across North Africa and feature narrow, maze-like streets.

The medina in the city of Fez (Africa’s oldest city) offers an authentic Moroccan experience.

Whenever you’re in Morocco, make it a priority to visit Fez.

10. Morocco Was The Maiden Country To Recognize The USA As A Country

Morocco first recognized the United States under Sultan Muhammed in 1777.

The country signed a formally recognized peace treaty in 1786, a document that remains the most extended unbroken friendship in USA history.

11. Moroccans Eat Couscous On Fridays

Couscous is Morocco’s traditional and national dish. Being a 99% Muslim nation, many eat couscous on Fridays as it is the Islamic holy day.

You can additionally find couscous being served in restaurants daily and is a dish worth trying anytime you visit Morocco.

12. Morocco Has A Valley Dedicated To Roses

The M’Goun Valley, also known as Vallée Des Roses produces at least 3000 to 4000 tons of wild roses yearly.

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Local women pluck the roses and later sell them to individuals and companies within the country.

M'Goun Valley (Valley of Roses) in Morocco

French perfume companies use most of the roses, while local companies use the rest to produce soaps, rose water, and other beauty products.

13. Argan Oil Comes From Morocco’s Tree Native

Argan oil, an export from Morocco, is found in luxurious cosmetics or top-of-the-line hair care products.

It comes from argan nuts that grow in the hot arid areas of Morocco. This oil is used for various purposes, such as food and traditional medicine.

Its use has become more popularized within beauty products, leading to increased production and commercial viability.

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