15 Fun Facts About Honduras’ Traditions, Culture and Laws

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Honduras is the second largest country in South America but still hosts few visitors. Pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial art is featured around the country, while the legacy of Mayan culture and traditions lives on.

Honduras is one country that few tourists will ever visit, and I’ve crafted these fascinating facts so you’ll get a taste of what it has to offer.

1. Scarlet Macaw Is The National Bird Of Honduras

With 700+ bird species, Honduras is a paradise for bird watchers. The Scarlet Macaw or Aro Macao is the national bird of Honduras and is recognized by its red, yellow, and blue plume. 

2. The First Country To Ban Smoking, Even In Personal Homes

In 2011, the Honduras Government implemented a law that banned smoking in public and private spaces. More than 30% of people in Honduras are smokers, and 90% suffering from acute bronchitis live with smokers in a home, so a wise initiative I must say. 

While it isn’t illegal to smoke in your own home, if someone visits or complains about you smoking, you can get fined by the police. This includes outside balconies and backyards.

3. Home To The Largest Wilderness In All Of Central America

As of 2020, around 56.83% of Honduras is forest, which is equivalent to around 5 million hectares.

Honduras Wilderness

Sadly, the country is losing 1.81% of its wilderness every year. 

4. Honduras Is A Country Of Many Bats

Bats account for roughly 50% of their mammal species, and the cute Honduran white bats, which are only 3.7cm to 4.7cm in size, are one of my favorites.

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5. Honduras Was Home To The Mayan Civilization

Among all other Central American countries, modern-day Honduras played host to the Mayan civilization. The ancient ruins of their city, Copan, are still found and preserved in Western Honduras. 

6. Honduras Has Chicken Buses

These buses don’t serve chicken or look like one. They are known as ‘chicken buses’ since locals use this mode of transport for moving their stock, including chickens, from one spot to another.

Guatemala is another sibling who features these unique buses:

That is…if you’re brave enough. They have fluorescent colors and unique designs to help locals spot them.

7. No Pointing Fingers

The people of Honduras never use their fingers to point at any object or person, as they consider it rude and disrespectful. Instead, they purse their lips to point out the person, object, or place. 

8. People of Honduras Have Strong Family Values

Many have a strong sense of family, especially females who often stay with their families as adults. Some families even have their daughters and sons-in-law living happily with them, even after marriage. 

9. Young People Date Differently In Honduras

Those below 18 years of age typically go out in groups with friends rather than as a couple. It’s culturally inappropriate for a young couple to head out on a date by themselves.

10. Honduras Hosts Some Of The Best Music Festivals In The World

Honduras is home to great music festivals accompanied by street parades, local parties, and street food.

Some of those festivals are The Punta Gorda Festival, National Garifuna Festival, Feria de San Isidro, and Semana Santa. Time your trip and you can get acquainted with the locals at these festivals.

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11. Coral Reefs Have Drawn Millions Of Tourists

After the Great Barrier Reef, Honduras is an integral part of the second-largest coral reef worldwide. Tourists come from around the world to experience their beautiful corals underwater.

12. Christopher Columbus Discovered The Country Of Honduras

Right after he set foot on the grounds of this country, he said, “Thank God we got out of these great depths!” and Honduras means “Great Depths.”

13. Average Life Expectancy Is Surprisingly High In Honduras

The average life expectancy for people in Honduras is 75.69 years as of 2022, which is comparable to many western countries. The life expectancy graph has increased stupendously since 1960.

14. More Than 75% Of Honduras Is Mountains

The inland regions of Honduras are completely dominated by the mountains, with Cerro Las Minas standing as the tallest in the country, with an elevation of 2,870 meters. 

15. The 2nd Largest Population Within Central America

The population of Honduras is more than 10 million, with Honduras being just behind Guatemala.

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