14 Little-Known Facts About North Korea

north korea

North Korea is the perfect news-worthy country and is quite fascinating because not everything about this country is available on Google. 

To know what’s happening in North Korea, you might have to visit the country and see it for yourself. No worries, as we have curated some top facts about North Korea and its unique features.

Let’s dive deeper into it!

1. In North Korea, You Can Have A Haircut Only From the 15 Approved Styles

The country has a gender equality aspect, where both sexes have their own 15 sets of haircuts that the regime has approved. However, no men can have their desired haircut style, which will be considered a violation.

Plus, no approved haircut is similar to the hairstyle of their supreme leader. 

2. North Korea Has The World’s Largest Stadium

Rungrado Stadium of North Korea can host a match or event with a maximum seating capacity of 150,000 people.

Michigan Stadium is second on the list of biggest stadiums in the world, with around 110,000 seats. 

Rŭngrado May First Stadium
Rungrado May First Stadium

3. The Three-Generation Punishment Policy Is An Astonishing Fact

The ‘three generations punishment policy‘ states that if someone breaks the law in North Korea, he/she will not be the only person to be punished.

The whole family and the three generations forward will bear the consequences. 

4. Kim II-Sung Never Paid For The 1000 Volvo Cars He Got From Sweden

The founder of North Korea, Kim II-Sung, ordered 1000 Volvo Cars from Sweden and got them delivered to the country. But he never paid for them. 

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The fun fact is that the Swedish Government is still sending invoices to North Korea every year. 

5. North Korea Follows A Different Timeline Than The Rest Of The World

North Korea stands out from the Western countries and follows its timeline. They started their calendar year in 1912. It was the year when the founder of North Korea, Kim II Sung, was born.

So, as the world is now living in 2022, North Korea has its Juche calendar at 111. 

Calendar page for September 2010 (99 Juche) in maternity hospital, Pyongyang, North Korea.
Calendar page for September 2010 (99 Juche) in maternity hospital, Pyongyang, North Korea

6. You Cannot Access More Than 28 Websites In North Korea

The internet rules in North Korea are quite strict. For example, you can visit only 28 websites by accessing their country’s local intranet, ‘Kwangmyong.’ 

The local intranet is free to access only if you have a computer. But computers in North Korea are very expensive, and you need Government’s permission to access the selected websites. 

7. North Korea Has Only Four Approved TV Channels

Korean Central Television is the main channel and is available all across the country. The other three channels are available only on the weekends. The names of the other channels are Mansudae Television, Ryongnamsan Television, and Athletic Television.

South Korean operas are very popular worldwide and are somehow broadcasted or smuggled into the country illegally. But, if the regime finds out about it, the punishment can be harsh for the violators. 

8. Pyongyang Is A City For Trustworthy Citizens Only

All of the citizens living in the capital city, Pyongyang, are people loyal to the regime. The Government and the supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, decide who is worthy of living in the country’s capital.

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Compared to other cities in North Korea, life in the capital is different. You have luxury amenities, restaurants serving international cuisine, and much more. 

Pyongyang skyline
Pyongyang skyline

9. Every North Korean Family Is Provided With A Government Radio

The officials give every family in North Korea a government radio they can never turn off.

All they can do is turn the volume down. 

10. North Korea Has Been Ruled By The Same Family Since Its Foundation

Kim II Sung founded North Korea and came into power after his fight in World War II. Kim Jong II took over from his father and was a temperamental ruler till 2011, the year he died.

Kim Jong Un, his son, took over the mantle and became the Supreme Leader. The same family has ruled the country since its foundation day. 

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

11. There Is Only One Art Studio Permitted To Produce Artwork Of All Country’s Leaders

Mansudae Art Studio, located in the capital city of Pyongyang, is one of the largest art studios in the world. They have the best artists in North Korea and are the only studio with permission to produce artwork of country leaders. 

Moreover, even the greatest monuments in North Korea were designed & constructed by the Mansudae Art Studio. 

12. North Korea Is Home To Natural Paradise

North Korea is home to impeccable natural beauty. It has perfect picturesque beaches and golden sands.

The scenic sight from Mount Myohyang will bless you with magnificent mountainscapes, hiking trails, and lush forests. 

 Beach near Lake Sijung, North Korea
Beach near Lake Sijung, North Korea

13. The Military and Government Officials Are The Only Ones Who Can Afford Motor Vehicles

There was a myth that common people could not buy motor vehicles in North Korea. But, it is not a fact.

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The truth is that only the government or military officials can afford motor vehicles. Only a few private citizens own such vehicles, while others use public transport. 

14. Military Officials in North Korea Also Commute With the Wood Burning Cars

Many trucks and cars outside the capital city, Pyongyang, have difficulties with oil imports. Therefore, they use different means to power their vehicles. Apart from solar-powered taxis, the people of North Korea also prefer to use wood-powered cars.

The working is the same as any wood-burning engine, where you just have to roll in some branches and set the flame. You can also use coal instead of wooden branches.


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