21 Malaysia Fun Facts About Their Culture and Country

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A multicultural country in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is famous for its vast beaches, rainforests, skyscrapers, and more. And yet, did you know that “Hibiscus” is the national flower of Malaysia? Probably not!

Here are 21 other interesting and fun facts about Malaysia. 

1. Petronas Towers Are The World’s Tallest Twin Towers

The Petronas Towers are the world’s tallest twin towers. Until 2004, these twin towers were the world’s tallest buildings, with a height of 1,483 feet, and were overtaken by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

2. Mount Kinabulu In Malaysia Is A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Also called the highest point in Malaysia, Mount Kinabulu is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also the 3rd highest peak in the world, with an elevation of 13,435 feet. 

3. Malaysia Has 65,877 Kilometres Of Highway Roads

Malaysia is famous for its pretty and expansive highways, which span over 65,877 kilometers. Did you know that this is much greater than 40,075 kilometers – the circumference of the Earth?

4. Borneo Is The 3rd Largest Island In The World

Borneo, the 3rd largest island in the world, is shared by three counties: Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Independent Sultanate of Brunei. The other two islands are – New Guinea and Greenland. 

5. King Cobras Are Found Throughout Malaysia

I’m not talking about Andrew Cobra Tate here. Malaysia features the world’s largest populations of king cobras (Ophiophagus Hannah). They also happen to be the world’s longest venomous snakes, often growing to 4 meters in length.

The longest known king cobra was taken from Malaysia and kept captive at the London Zoo, eventually growing to around 5.7m in length. Sadly, he was put down at the outbreak of World War II.

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6. Malaysia Is The 7th Largest Producer Of Rubber In The World

With a production of approximately 470 million metric tons of rubber in 2021, Malaysia ranks 7th in the leading rubber-producing countries, after Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, China, and India. 

Interestingly, Malaysia was the leading rubber producer at one time. 

7. Malaysia Is Home To The Tallest Tropical Tree, The Tualang

The Tualang is the tallest tropical tree in the world and can be found throughout Malaysia.

Tualang tree

Its height can shoot up to 250 feet or 30 stories.

8. Jimmy Choo Is Malaysian

Jimmy Choo, a fashion designer, rose to fame for his coveted handmade women’s shoes. But did you know he learned this art from his father, who used to be a cobbler then?

9. Nasi Lemak Is The National Dish Of Malaysia

Nasi Lemak can be found at just about every cafe and restaurant throughout Malaysia. 

Nasi Lemak dish

The dish consists of mildly flavored rice cooked in fresh coconut milk and served in banana leaves. 

10. There Is An Average Of 200 Rainfall Days In Kuala Lumpur 

With an average of 200 rainfall days in Kuala Lumpur, it’s one of the wettest places in Malaysia after Kuching, Sarawak.

11. Kuching, Sarawak, Is The Wettest Place In Malaysia

Malaysia, as a whole, receives a significant amount of rainfall in a year. And Kuching, Sarawak, is believed to be the wettest place in Malaysia, with an average rainfall of 4,159 mm (163.7 in). 

12. Malaysian Grooms Can’t Place The Wedding Ring On The Finger Of Their Bride

In Malaysia, grooms can’t place the wedding ring on the finger of their bride. Instead, this ritual is to be performed by a senior female relative from the groom’s side. 

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13. The British Empire Also Ruled Malaysia

 In 1874, the British empire gained control over Malay through the Anglo-Dutch treaty. However, on 31st August 1957, the people of Malaysia declared independence from the Brits.

14. Malaysia Is Southeast Asia’s Most Multicultural Country

With so many ethnic races, Malaysia is Southeast Asia’s most multicultural country.

The three primary races are – Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Islam is widely followed in Malaysia (67%), followed by Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Christianity. 

15. Durian Is Banned At Some Places In Malaysia

Often regarded as the “king of fruits,” Durian is notorious for its melon-like size, pungent smell, and thorn-covered rind. This fruit is so smelly that it’s banned in some places in Malaysia such as hotels.

Durian fruits

Despite its controversy, the country features more than 100 varieties of this unique fruit. Some people love durian and some people hate durian, with very few people in between.

16. Sarawak Chamber Is The Largest Cave Chamber In The World

Measuring over 1.66 million square feet, the Sarawak Chamber is the largest cave chamber in the world. It’s so huge that around 40 Boeing 747 airplanes can easily fit without overlapping each other. 

17. Malayan Tiger Is The Smallest Subspecies Of Tigers In Southeast Asia

The Malayan tigers are the smallest subspecies of tigers in Southeast Asia.

Malayan Tiger

The average length of a male tiger is roughly 8 ft 6 in (or 259 cm), and for female tigers, it’s 7 ft 10 in (or 239 cm). 

18. In Malaysia, No Floor In Any Building Is Marked “4”

According to Malaysians, the phonetic spelling of the digit “4” equates to the “sound of death.” As a result, no floor in any building is marked “4.” Instead, labels 3A, 3B, etc., are used. 

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19. Rafflesia Is The Largest Flower In The World

Rafflesia, popularly grown in the Malaysian state of Sabah, is the world’s largest flower, with a diameter of 106.7cm. Moreover, it weighs around 11-12 kilograms. 

Rafflesia flower

Interestingly, Rafflesia blooms without any stem, root, or leaf! 

20. An Architect designed The National Flag Of Malaysia

The “Stripes of Glory” or “Jalur Gemilamg” in Malay is the national flag of Malaysia. It was designed by 29-years old Mohamad Hamzah, a PWD architect. 

21. Local Time In Malaysia Has Been Adjusted 6 Times

Did you know the local time in Malaysia was adjusted 6 times in 100 years? The reason: Politics.

The latest Malaysia Standard Time (MYT) was finalized on 1st January 1982. 

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