9 Fun Facts About Qatar That Surprise Every Traveler

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A land of generous hospitality with a dash of fine beaches and a gallop of landmarks is all you thought Qatar was – right?

While it’s true to some extent, that’s not all. There are many such facts about Qatar you probably had no idea about, with some hidden secrets to captivate your soul!

1. There Are No Forests In Qatar

Oh yes, that’s true – and, thanks to the afforestation and scarcity of water, irrigation is almost impossible. 

desert with paraglider in Qatar

Because of the deficient rainfall of Qatar, irrigation is limited; sewage water is used for minimal agricultural practices. 

And that’s why most of Qatar’s trees and green landscapes are man-made.

2. The Gas in Qatar Is Very Cheap

Did you know that the longest oil well ever drilled in the world is in Qatar? And it’s even in the Guinness World Record for the same!

Besides being a great source of revenue for the country’s economy, the wide availability of gas is why it’s priced so cheap in Qatar. 

Now imagine – how much the Qataris save just on gas!

3. In Qatar, Only 12% Of The Natives Are Qataris

If you are ever in Qatar and stumble upon a native – there’s a high chance that they aren’t really Qatari because only 15% of the population in Qatar are Qataris

The rest of the country’s population is ex-pats who have moved to the country either to enjoy leisurely life, exotic weather, or tax-free salaries. The ex-pats are so numerous that the native Qataris have become a minority.

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4. There’s No Central Core in Doha Tower

Whether you are a tourist or a local, looking at the Doha skyline and being in awe is the most common thing between you two. While its structure can be best admired during the day, during the night, it looks stunning when lit up.

Doha tower

But all the beauty aside, the tower doesn’t have a central core. However, that’s the fascinating thing about French architecture and Islamic designs. Though there’s no central core of the tower, the 46-story tower has internal reinforced concrete diagrid columns, ensuring its safety.

5. The Weekend Falls On Fridays And Saturdays in Qatar

Sunday is not a fun day in Qatar – sounds weird, right? But it’s true. It is quite common among the UAE countries and doesn’t have the standard weekends like the Western countries.

According to Islamic tradition, Friday is considered to be the blessed day, and thus, people enjoy these two days as weekends, and the workday begins on Sunday and continues till Thursday.

6. Qataris Love To Use Robots For Camel Racing

Camel races are undoubtedly famous in desert areas – but using robots for the same is unique – isn’t it? Instead of jockeys in Qatar, they use robots for racing their camels. And the camel herders in the boundary operate their robots with the help of the remotes.

Isn’t that amazing?

Previously, kids were used instead of jockeys, but as it was too dangerous – so they now use robots instead. 

7. Qatar Is The Safest Country In The World

Qatar was ranked as the safest country in the world for the third time in the year 2020. Yes! Even in 2017 and 2019, Qatar has been honoured for the same.

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Going by the Numbeo Crime Index, Qatar had the lowest score globally when it came to risk accession, and maybe that’s why the ex-pats and the present citizens prefer Qatar so much.

8. Qatar National Day Wasn’t Always On December 18

December 18 might be celebrated with fireworks and lights all around Qatar, but it wasn’t always like that. Before 2007, September 3 was celebrated as the National Day because on that very day, Qatar became independent from British rule in 1971.

But after 2007, the date was changed to December 18, when Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani succeeded his father and unified the local tribes.

9. Men Outnumber Women 3 to 1 in Qatar

If you ever visit Qatar, you’ll be surprised to notice that there are many more men than women in Qatar. I’ll let you guess why the ratio of men and women is 3:1 in Qatar…

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