Uncovering the Secrets of Kazakhstan: 13 Fun Facts


Considered the holiest city of the Islamic region, Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country that houses the biggest mosque in the world. The soviet union once obscured the ethnically diverse country.

Kazakhstan is a unique country with a rich history. Here are some fun facts about Kazakh.

1. Kazakhstan Is The 9th Largest Country In The World.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is located between two continents: some of the north in Central Asia and some of the west in Eastern Europe.

The largest Muslim country in the world and the ninth-largest country in terms of area. Along the 2,717,200 SqKm, 70% of the population follows Islam, while the remaining follow Christianity and other religions.

2. In 2003, Kazakhstan Navy Was Originally Established

Kazakhstan does not have access to the ocean. However, did you know it still has a navy? Established in 2003, Kazakhstan Navy is in the Caspian Sea with their interests in maritime.

Kazakh navy arriving in Anzali Port for Sea Cup 2021 01

It is the immense inland sea worldwide and borders the country of Kazakhstan in the Southwest. The sea is also a critical oil source, meaning that the money the country spends to defend its interests in the oil is well spent.

3. All Elements Present In Mendeleev’s Periodic Table Are Found in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is rich in natural elements. The country houses 99 of the elements mentioned in Mendeleev’sMendeleev’s Periodic table. The country has the second-largest reserve in the world for chromium, zinc, iron, coal, manganese, copper, and uranium.

The country is also in the top ten list for copper, gold, iron, coal, and manganese. The country has the 11th biggest reserve of natural gas and petroleum.

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4. People In Kazakhstan Eat Horse Meat

One of the popular food in Kazakhstan is horse meat. It is known as the Konina in Russia and Zhilky Yeti in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan horse meat

Kazy is one of the many ways to eat horses. It is a sausage that is often eaten as a snack. Usually, it is served with drinks on the platter.

5. Snow Leopards Are Popular In Kazakhstan

One threatened, elusive, and majestic species, the Snow Leopard, is found in Kazakhstan. The creature’screature’s population is located in the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve in the country. With 50,000 Sqkm, around 100-120 snow leopards reside. The Almaty National Park has a snow leopard statue as a symbol.

6. Sleep Hollow Diseases Killed People In Kazakhstan

In 2015, 25% of the people from two villages in Kazakhstan were relocated due to a mysterious sleep-hollow disease. In 2013, the disease was reported to kill 150+ people in Kalachi village. In

The new disease made people unconscious for days, and men had a high sex drive. The children in the village even suffered from hallucinations and were reported experiencing bizarre images.

According to experts, the Uranium mines present in the Soviet Union era, which have been closed for a long time, are one of the suspects that cause the sleeping disorder in children. However, the leading cause is the brain’s lack of oxygen, which causes the disease.

7. Home To The Oldest And Largest Space Shuttle Launch Facility

In Southern Kazakhstan, Baikonur Cosmodrome, a spaceport, was given to Russians on lease. The space shuttle facility is based in the desert of Baikonur near the Aral Sea.

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1082px Baikonur Cosmodrome Soyuz launch pad

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union built the spaceport as the field for Soviet Space Program activities. , Sputnik 1 (1st artificial satellite) , and Vostok 1 (the first human spaceflight) were launched here.

8. Kazakhstan Has 5 Major UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are five major UNESCO world heritage sites in Kazakhstan, namely:

  • Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi
  • Petroglyphs in the archaeological site of Tamgaly
  • Silk Roads of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh Uplands, often called Saryarka, comprises Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve and Naurzum State Nature Reserve.
  • Western Tien-Shan shared with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

9. Nauryz Is The Biggest Festival In Kazakhstan

Nauryz is a critical holiday event and signifies the new year for Kazakhs. Starting from the 21st of March, on the day of the spring equinox, the festival is celebrated for several days.

Nauryz means new day and symbolizes wealth, happiness, love, and goodness. One of the unique food items prepared during the Nauryz celebration is ‘‘Nauryz Kozhe”.

10. Berkutchi Is An Ancient Sport Still Practiced In The Country

There are only 250 eagle hunters left in Kazakhstan who practice the art of Berkutchi. The ancient sport is still in action for six thousand years and exists along the Central Asian Steppe.

1280px Kazakh Mongolian Eagle Hunter

There is a strong bond between an eagle and a hunter. The eagles are trained since they are chicks. These eagles set out with their hunters on the back of a horse and ride on their arms. The sport includes hunting corsac foxes, wolves, snow leopards, and owls.

11. Golden Eagle Is The National Symbol Of Kazakhstan

The golden eagle is an endangered species and represents Kazakhstan. It is considered to be the symbol of strength, wisdom, truth, courage, and majesty.

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Golden eagles are also considered to have a special connection with God as they fly and roam around the skies freely.

12. Beshbarmak Is The National Dish of Kazakhstan

Beshbarmak, which means five fingers, is the national dish of Kazakhstan. It is usually consumed with hands and is generally made with horse meat.

The dish is salty and meaty and is served with noodles and bouillon.

13. Kazakhstan Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of The Historic Flight Of Yuri Gagarin

The world celebrates the 60th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight on the 12th of April. It is also designated by the UN, as the International Day of Human Space Flight. The day reflects human exploration and conquering space. Yuri Gagarin was honored as the first human in space who traveled on a Vostok-1 vehicle to space.


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