13 Fun Facts About Tajikistan You Haven’t Heard Before

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Tajikistan, or the Republic Of Tajikistan, is a Eurasian country that is not discussed enough even though it is blessed with astounding geography.

It was one of the significant corridors of the ancient silk route in the past. 90% of its electricity is green energy at present. Clearly, Tajikistan is a country that deserves the spotlight.

So, today you will learn 14 fun facts about Tajikistan that you never heard before!

1. Tajikistan Is A Mountainous Nation With Breathtaking Scenery

More than 92% of the country is covered with gorgeous mountains. This is also why the average elevation of Tajikistan from the mean sea level is higher than some of the other countries’ highest mountains.


2. The Capital City Of Tajikistan Is Named Monday, But It Isn’t Boring At All!

Tajikistan’s capital is Dushanbe, which translates to Monday in Persian. But this Monday will not give you the blues.

This is the largest city, and it got this name because of being situated beside the famous Monday market.

But apart from that, the city has numerous architectural and historical monuments to keep you amazed.

3. The Country Is Home To The Pamir Mountains: The Roof Of The World!

The largest portion of the geographical wonder, the Pamir knot, lies within Tajikistan, which explains why the Country is so mountainous.

Pamir mountains are the nodal point from which several Asian mountain ranges radiate. Some of the most popular ones are Hindu Kush, Karakoram, Tien Shan, and Kunlun.

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Most of them are more than 4000 m in height, which is why the metaphor “the roof of the world” is used to describe this region.

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4. Tajikistan Is One Of The Best Destinations In The World For Trekking

It is a no-brainer that this country will be on the bucket list of passionate trekkers and hikers!

From Childukhtaron to the Fann mountains to the silk road, you can choose from dozens of such amazing trekking spots!

5. If Mountains Fail To Impress You, The Lakes Will Make Up For It

So what if it’s a landlocked country and doesn’t have beaches? The number of lakes that Tajikistan has will blow your mind.

The country (142,600 sq km) is less than half the size of Italy (301,230 sq km) but has around 1450 lakes!

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Some of the must-visits include Iskanderkul near Dushanbe, Karakul, Kulikalon, etc.

6. 90% Of The Country’s Electricity Is Renewable!

90% of the electricity used in Tajikistan is hydroelectricity!

Having so many mountains is not only great for the country’s tourism but is also great for its economy.

The total river water discharge of Tajikistan alone is almost double the combined result of the neighboring countries like Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.

7. From Afghan To Russian, Tajik Cusine Has All The Flavors

The Tajik cuisine is a concoction of Afghan, Russian, Uzbek, and Irani flavors. Now you may get confused about how Russian flavors got introduced to Central Asian food.

The answer is that Tajikistan was part of the USSR for more than 62 years. Hence, it is quite obvious that the country would adopt some bits of Russian delights.

The food might be a little too spicy for Western people, but you can sip green tea, the national drink, to balance it out.

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8. Tajikistan’s History Is As Rich As Its Food

Tajikistan has a history that is richer than its food. A long list of dynasties had invaded the country, starting from Arabs to Mughals to Turks and Russians.

So all of them left some traces of their culture here. The ancient town of Sarazm dates back to the 4th millennium BC and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

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In fact, Alexander the Great ruled the southeastern end of the Fergana Valley in 329 BC, which is modern-day Tajikistan.

9. The Cost Of Living In Tajikistan Is Quite Low

The cost of living in Tajikistan is 77% lower than in the US. For a person, the average cost of living in Tajikistan is $491, which is around $2112 in the US.

One USD equals 10.20 Tajik somoni. So if you are on a tight budget, you know where to go!

10. Tumb Of Rudaki: Resting Place of The Father Of Persian Poetry

Abū ‘Abd Allāh Ja’far ibn Muḥammad al-Rūdhakī or Rudaki, is one of the greatest names in the history of poetry, especially Persian poetry.

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Tajikistan’s Fann Mountain is where he rested, and that is where the famous Tumb of Rudaki is.

11. The Tajik Cities Are Full Of Tourist Attractions

If you get time after trekking in the mountains, strolling near the lakes, and trying the lip-smacking Tajik cuisine, you can visit the Tajik cities that are full of tourist attractions.

From the famous Jami Masjid in Khujand to several opera houses, museums, traditional tea houses, and sanctuaries

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12. Even Though 98% Of The Population Of Tajikistan Is Muslim, You Won’t Spot Any Hijabi Women

The country’s legislation encourages people to stick to traditional Tajik attire instead of following cultural clothes.

Their aim is to put an end to religious extremism. So despite being an Islam-dominant country, you won’t find women wearing hijabs or burqas.

13. Not One Or Two But Three Of The Silk Roads Passed Through This Country

UNESCO’s “The Silk Roads” program shows that the present territory of Tajikistan has not one or two but three silk routes passing through it. And there were a total of five of these.

These 2100-year-old routes carry great importance in terms of interpreting ancient trading and cultural patterns. Marco Polo was one of the most famous traders who used these routes.


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