11 Fun Facts Mauritius Is Famous For

Mauritius Under water waterfall

The mere mention of the name Mauritius brings to mind the scenic image of sapphire blue water, tall palm trees, and white sandy beaches. The tropical destination is nothing short of paradise, making it a popular tourist spot.  

Nestled 600 miles away from the coast of Madagascar, the serene island has much more to it than just picturesque views. Read on to find out fun facts that make the island of Mauritius popular not only among tourist circles but globally as well. 

Its Earlier Name Was Dina Arobi

Mauritius was first discovered in 975 by Arab Sailors. Back then, the island had the name Dina Arobi

It got the name Mauritius many centuries later, in 1598. The Dutch Squadron landing at Grand Port in 1598 gave it the name Mauritius in honor of Prince Maurice Van Nassau, Dutch Republic stadtholder. 

Mauritius Was Formed 9 Million Years Ago

When compared to other islands, Mauritius is relatively young, formed only 9 million years ago. It came into being when underwater volcanoes spewed lava. 

The Only Known Habitat Of Dodo Is This Island

Besides many other things, Mauritius is also the only known habitat of the long-extinct Dodo bird. The flightless bird was endemic to Mauritius and is still the national bird and is represented in their national Coat of Arms. 


People often say that the dodo bird evolved from pigeons who lost their way. However, their sad demise happened because of the Dutch settlers who first encountered them in 1598. 

Between the Dutch and the ship rats or other animals they introduced to this island, the dodo bird was last sighted in the 1660s. Besides that, Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, got the inspiration to write his tale from a stuffed dodo he saw at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. 

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Mauritius Doesn’t Have An Official Language

Many people here speak English, and it is also the primary language used in government and other official administrative purposes; however, a majority of the island also speaks French. 

Creole is a French-inspired dialect that is more prolific and spoken by 85.6% of people. Even though a majority of the people speak Mauritian Creole, the country doesn’t have an official formal language. 

Mark Twain Was An Ardent Fan Of Mauritius 

Mark Twain was a legendary American author who said: “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” He was a fan of the tropical haven located on Africa’s east coast and praised its natural beauty.

Port Louis Is The Capital Of Mauritius 

Port Louis, the country’s capital, is a lively and busy place bursting with tourists. It is also the economic epicenter of this paradise island and the largest city. 

Downtown Port Louis

The spirited capital city also encompasses a myriad of exciting spots, including shrines, architectural marvels, historical museums, lush gardens, lively markets, charming waterfronts, and much more.

It is Home To Vibrant Fauna

It is impossible to talk about Mauritius and not mention its biodiversity. Mauritius sits between coral reefs that consist of over 400 marine species, like pinner, bottlenose dolphins, shark species, humpback whales, tropical fish, and even deep-sea fish like tuna and marlin.

When it comes to land, the only native mammal of Mauritius is the fruit bat. While Mauritian giant tortoises are now extinct, you can see giant tortoises brought here from Seychelles. 

mauritius frui bat flying jacques de speville

The island also has over 100 bird species of birds, including numerous endemic species, such as Mauritius grey white-eye, Mauritian fody, pink pigeon, Mauritius kestrel, olive white eye, Mauritius parakeet, and even the Mascarene paradise flycatcher.

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You can head to the Île aux Aigrettes, an island reserve, to witness these endemic Mauritian species. The Black River Gorges National Park, located in the southwest part of the island, is also a great place for bird spotting.

Flic En Flac Is Abundant With Fun 

The quaint seaside village Flic En Flac lies in the Black River district on Mauritius’s west coast. It derives its name from a popular Dutch phrase, “Fried Landt Flaak,” which translates to “Free and Flat Land.”


The coastline of Flic En Flac beach is lined with beautiful Casuarina, while coral reefs rim the lagoon. You can enjoy the warm waters on this beach for swimming and many other fun water activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and even swimming with dolphins. 

Witness An Underwater Waterfall 

You can witness a unique and spectacular illusion along the Le Morne coast. The underwater waterfall appears like the island is being pulled into a drain. However, the dramatic image is only the underwater currents flowing. 

Cascata sottomarina Mauritius 2

You may be able to see the sand or silt illusion right from the shore, but the best views are from a seaplane that gives you the best views from above.

Mauritius Is Among The Most Peaceful Countries

As per the Global Peace Index Report, the island nation of Mauritius is the most peaceful country in the world in terms of ongoing conflict. It shares the position with other countries like Slovenia, Iceland, Hungary, and New Zealand. 

While Mauritius is the most peaceful in Sub-Saharan Africa, it ranks 28th globally. This also explains why Mauritius is also one of the very few countries that don’t have an army.

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There Are 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Here

Mauritius is home to two must-see sites that are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. The sites are Le Morne Brabant and Aapravasi Ghat, both standing today as exceptional reminders of the past. 


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