17 Fun Facts About Guyana For The Ultimate Adventure

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This small South American country is a mysterious destination with serene landscapes. People praise Guyana for its unique and rich flora & fauna. 

The diverse cultures of Guyana tend to attract tourists from different parts of the world. But this country has much more to tell us about its beauty, culture, and existence. 

I’ve created these fun facts to help you to learn more about Guyana and unfold its mysteries. 

1. Christopher Columbus Sailed By Guyana on his 3rd Exploration Voyage

I’ve found no better fact to start with! 

Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer and navigator, sailed by this South American country in the year 1498. He was on his third exploration voyage at the time. 

2. Guyana is Home to Impenetrable Rainforests that Humans Can’t Access

Around 70% of Guyana is covered with large rainforests, some of which have never been explored by humans.

Vast tracts of these rainforests are out of reach for humans because they are extremely remote and might be unpredictably dangerous at the same time. 

3. Guyana is a Heavenly Destination for Scientists 

Scientists love to make new discoveries and Guyana gives ample opportunity to make many of them.

The rainforests of Guyana are home to many species of rich and unique flora and fauna. Even today, there have been many discoveries within these rainforests that were previously unknown to humankind. 

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Every year, scientists discover new species here in the rainforests. They believe Guyana’s forests have a unique ecosystem and many undiscovered life forms even today. Hence, this makes Guyana mysterious, and scientists from all over the world are attracted to it. 

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4. More Women than Men Attend Universities in Guyana

In recent years, it has been seen that women in Guyana are more likely to attend universities than men. 

Women are now stepping up to be independent members of society and eventually begin working as teachers, civil servants, clerks and even farmers. 

5. Proper Upbringing of Children is Absolutely Necessary for Guyana

People of Guyana believe that the right upbringing of children with moral and cultural values is of utmost importance. 

To teach such values and teachings, children will accompany their parents to temples, churches, and mosques. 

6. Rum is a Popular Beverage in the Country

Guyana boasts a steady temperature and high humidity, which contributes to the perfect aging process of rum. 

To help you understand this better, an 8-year-old rum in Guyana is equal to a 16-year-old rum in other countries. This makes for a great excuse to crack open a bottle of rum in Guyana. 

7. Male Homosexuality is Illegal in Guyana

The rule is very specific for males, as violating this law can make someone end up with a sentence of life in prison if the charges are proven. Additionally, it is also an offense in Guyana to cross-dress. 

8. Guyana Has One of the Richest Mammalian Fauna

Guyana is home to around 1168 vertebrate species and 814 bird species, with fauna that many big countries lack. 

When you hear someone boasting about Guyana for its flora and fauna, it’s hard to question it. 

9. The Country is home to the World’s Largest Single-Drop Waterfall

Kaieteur Falls, with a total length of around 251 meters, is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. The average water flowing rate here is around 663 cubic meters per second. 

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This makes it the world’s largest single-drop waterfall and a star attraction for tourists in Guyana. 

10. Guyana is Home to the Fourth-Largest Floating Bridge in the World

Well, here goes another tourist attraction that Guyana proudly boasts about! Demerara Harbour Bridge, the fourth-largest floating bridge globally, is 1851 meters long and is located in Georgetown, over the Demerara river. 

Additionally, the sixth largest floating bridge in the world is also in Guyana. This one is called Berbice Bridge and is 1571 meters long.

11. The Only South American Country with an Official Language as English

Guyana holds onto the British colonial legacy and has English as its official language. It is the only nation all across the continent of South America to have implemented this language officially. 

The majority of the population still speaks Guyanese Creole. 

12. Christopher Columbus Claimed to Have Seen a Mermaid Here

During his exploration voyage, Christopher Columbus mentioned seeing a mermaid in Guyana waters. He used the term ‘Watamamma’ to describe the mermaid in his description. Of course, there is no visual proof of the claim. 

13. Guyana Boasts a Small Yet Diverse Population

Guyana’s population is only around 795,401, as of November 3, 2022

But even with such a low population compared to many other countries, Guyana consists of six different ethnic groups, including East Indian, Amerindian, Europeans, Portuguese and Chinese. 

14. Average Life Expectancy Rate in Guyana is Neither Too Good Nor Too Bad

The average life expectancy rate in Guyana is 70.15 years as of 2022. It is 0.16% higher than in 2021. But it is still not much of an improvement. 

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One reason might be the increasing suicide rates in the country. Guyana has the second-highest suicide rate in the world. The country is aiming to spread more awareness about mental illness. 

15. Guyana is a Big Cricketing Nation

The people of Guyana love cricket because the sport has bought fame to their country. It has produced some recognized cricketers, such as Clive Lloyd, Shivnarine Chandarpaul, Rohan Kanhai, Alvin Kallicharran, and many others. 

The West Indies team looks up to Guyana for their outstanding players. This small country co-hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2007 with West Indies.

16. The Heat in Guyana is Perfect

The climate in Guyana is tropical and with little seasonal changes. The average temperature ranges between 24 to 31-degree celsius. 

Guyana also experiences two rainy seasons throughout the year in the months of May to mid-August and mid-November to mid-January. 

17. Guyana has a High Cost of Living

As most of the things in Guyana are imported from other countries, the cost of living is fairly high. Therefore, this country has one of the highest emigration rates, with 55% of citizens choosing to live abroad.

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