16 Fun Facts About Malta That’ll Make You Book A Trip

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Malta is a small country made up of 7 spectacular islands and has been a hotspot locale for hundreds of years because of its location.

My list combines all the fun, amazing Malta facts that I learned when I visited this tiny European country. I’ve shared all the best reasons you should add the Maltese islands to your bucket list!

1. Game of Thrones Season 1 Filmed in Malta

I know Dubrovnik in Croatia is high on the list of every Game of Thrones fan, but did you know that some of the most iconic scenes from Season One were filmed in Malta?

Visit the Verdala Palace, Mdina Gate, and Fort St. Angelo to see if you can recognize some of the show’s scenic settings!

2. Malta Has Delicious Baked Treats

If you’re into European bread and pastries, you definitely need to visit Malta! Pastizzi is a must-try treat fresh from the oven with a crunchy texture, filled with creamy peas or ricotta cheese.

Baked treats on table in Malta

Qassatat is also delicious – filled with savory fillings like spinach and anchovies, I swear you can taste a bit of heaven in every bite!

3. Malta Filters Ocean Water via Reverse Osmosis

Malta has no fresh water source so they had to make do and use the ocean for water. Of course, one can’t drink ocean water without treating it.

In Malta, they use reverse osmosis to filter the water so it can be drunk straight from the tap. Many travelers claim to not like the taste so you might need to buy some bottled water.

4. St. Paul is the Country’s Patron Saint

The story that follows is a fact according to some people, and a myth according to others. What is clear is that you will likely hear this legend while visiting Malta.

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According to the New Testament of the Bible, in 60 A.D. St. Paul was shipwrecked while traveling to Rome. He survived the wreck in St. Paul’s Bay and swam to shore where he was discovered hiding in a cave by the people of Malta.

The Maltese people embraced him after he cured the father of the Governor who was sick. Malta later converted to Christianity and St. Paul is their patron saint to this day.

5. Malta is home to the Stunning Blue Lagoon

No offense to the gorgeous Mediterranean waters surrounding Malta, but on the island of Comino, there exists a lagoon with some of the purest turquoise blue water anywhere on earth.

Blue lagoon Malta

This stunning lagoon can only be reached by boat but the trip is well worth it! Catamaran tours and boat tours to the Blue Lagoon can be booked if you want to swim in this little piece of paradise.

6. Kinnie is the Most Popular Drink

Everywhere you walk, you will spot someone with a Kinnie in their hand. This orange soft drink is made with bitters and is the favorite drink of the people of Malta.

It tastes best when it is ice cold, so drink it right away or put it over ice for a refreshing treat!

7. Malta is a Melting Pot of Languages

Malta is culturally diverse and this is apparent even in their language!

The Maltese language is a mix of French, Arabic, Italian, and English!

8. Rabbit Stew is the National Dish

The national dish of Malta is called Stuffat tal-Fenek and has been a favorite of the Maltese people for centuries.

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It is a dish made from rabbits which is simmered in tomato and wine sauce. It usually has potatoes and various veggies on the side and can be found in any traditional restaurant!

9. Drive on the Left Side of the Road

The people of Malta drive on the left side of the road, thanks to Great Britain.

Street in Malta with red telephone box

Malta was under British control from 1814 to 1964 and British influences can be found everywhere, from bright red phonebooths to a plethora of English pubs!

10. Malta has 7 Islands but Only 3 Are Inhabited

Malta is technically an archipelago made up of 7 distinct islands but people only live on 3 of them. The populated islands are Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

Most people only visit Malta because there is a lot to do there and the beaches are stunning. Yet, Gozo is my go-to spot for epic culinary adventures and Comino is the best place to swim.

11. Most Bombed Country in WWII

Malta is a resilient country. For such a small place, it was the most heavily bombed European country in World War II.

Air raids were a regular occurrence and 30,000 buildings (including important historical and religious sites) were destroyed in just a few short years.

It took many years for Malta to recover but you would never know it had such a tumultuous past if you visit today.

12. Oldest Man-Made Structures: Gozo Ruins

Are you prepared to take a step back in time?

A megalithic temple complex on the island of Gozo dates back to the Neolithic period.

Gozo ruins of Malta

The Ggantija Temples are some of the oldest in the world, thought to be around 5,000 years old, which pre-dates the Egyptian Pyramids and even Stonehenge!

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13. Malta is Densely Populated

While Malta is one of the smallest nations in the world, it is likewise one of the most densely populated countries in the European Union!

Malta has a population of 500,000 people spread across a mere 122 square miles. Prepare for traffic that rivals Los Angeles.

14. A Catholic Church for Every Day of the Year

Malta is a nation that is 98 percent Roman Catholic and there are 365 Catholic churches here – one for each day of the year.

Patron saints are important to the Maltese people, especially St. Paul.

15. Festas are Fun In Malta

Festas are religious festivals in Malta, and this small island nation loves to celebrate them with family and friends!

Between June and September, as many as 75 festas are held. A festa typically lasts for at least three full days and is a colorful affair with decorated streets!

A festa in Malta

The festa is meant to honor the patron saint of each town. It also means the locals can party with fireworks and music.

16. The World’s Best Climate

International Living honored Malta and officially proclaimed that they had the best climate in the world with over 3,000 sunshine hours each year.

Malta also has the mildest winter in Europe and it is seen as a top retirement destination.

Who am I to argue?


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